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Framing Tools

High-quality and versatile, these Framing Tools and Supplies will help you create frames quickly and to a professional standard. We carry a comprehensive range of products, to suit any need. Looking for canvas stretching strips or framing fitting tools? Need a convenient kit that includes anything you need to finish frames to a high standard? Want a 7 oz artist canvas with an adhesive or prefer a larger 12 oz 60’’ x 90’’ canvas? Searching for compact or pro joiner systems? You will find all of these products and many, many more on this page. But keep in mind that regardless what product you decide to buy, you’ll always find the best prices at MyBinding! .

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  1. Logan Rigid Point Strips for F500-2 Dual Drive Elite

    • These points are for permanent installation of artwork in a frame
    • Fits logan dual driver models f500-1, f500-2.
    • Rigid point refill.
    • Includes 600 or 2500 points per pack.

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  2. Logan Flexible Point Strips for F500-2 Dual Drive Elite

    • These points can be bent back after being inserted into the frame for easy changing of frame contents.
    • Fits logan dual driver models f500-1, f500-2.
    • Flexipoint refill.
    • Includes 600 or 2500 points per pack.

    Starting At: $9.88

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  3. Logan F60 Picture Framing Dust Cover Trimmer

    • Uses Logan blade #270.
    • Used either left or right handed.
    • Features a safety blade cover when not in use.
    • Precisely trim the paper approximately 3/16" (5mm) from the outside edge.
    Part #: LGNF60


  4. Logan F300-1 Picture Framing Studio Joiner

    • Drives all V-Nail sizes on a magnetic v-nail holder.
    • Quick depth adjustment.
    • Can be used on hard or soft wood.
    • Clamp will accept moulding up to 2 1/2" (6cm) width.
    Part #: LGNF300-1


  5. Logan F502 Frame Backing Kit

    • Includes: 30' x 30" Roll of Dust Cover Paper, 20' of 43lb coated picture framing wire, 6 pcs Saw Tooth Hanger, 24 pcs felt bumpers, 24 pcs D-Rings with screws, one roll 36yd ATG tape, F60 LOGAN Dust Cover Trimmer with two pcs #270 blade and Fully Illustra
    • Use the ATG tape to apply dust cover paper to the back of the frame.
    • Professionally trim it to size using the F60 Dust Cover Trimmer.
    • Install saw tooth hanger or D-rings with screws provided.
    Part #: LGNF502


  6. Logan F500-2 Picture Framing Dual Drive Elite

    • Works with rigid AND flex point inserts.
    • Easily secure glass & artwork into wood frame.
    • Working like a common staple gun.
    • Drives either rigid or flexible inserts.
    Part #: LGNF500-2


  7. Logan F200-2 10" Precision Sander Elite

    • Features a 10" (25.4cm) sanding wheel.
    • Moulding profile capacity up to 3 1/2" (8.9cm).
    • Includes balanced wheel with sanding disk.
    • Sturdy base plate and adjustable micro-stops.
    Part #: LGNF200-2


  8. Fletcher-Terry Fillet Chopper for Framed Art Pieces - 04-900

    • Cuts non-metal fillets and lip liners up to 1.5" (38mm) wide.
    • Easy to use hand lever operation.
    • Portable and easy to move in any shop environment.
    • Standard out feed table with a 51" (1295mm) scale and adjustable stop.
    Part #: 04-900


  9. Logan F300-6 Frame Gluing Kit

    • Contains a special extra strength glue and spray on accelerator along with frame guide.
    • Frame are instantly ready for nails.
    • Joints are instantly locked solid and ready to be hung.
    • Curing overnight increases the bond even further.
    Part #: LOGAN-F300-6


  10. Logan F500-3 Deluxe Frame Finishing Kit

    • Secure the artwork and backing into the frame with the Dual Drive Elite.
    • Apply the dust cover paper using the supplied paper and ATG tape.
    • Trim the excess with the Dust Cover Trimmer.
    • Install the d-rings.
    Part #: LGNF500-3


  11. Logan F400-1 Picture Framing Fitting Tool

    • Unique rotating head design drives four different inserts.
    • No slipping or bending.
    • Drives inserts into moulding up to 2 1/2" (6cm).
    • Uses inserts F9, F10, F11 and standard brad nails.
    Part #: LGNF400-1


  12. Logan F300-4 Picture Framing Hobby Joiner

    • Recommended for use on soft wood moulding only.
    • Requires hammer to drive v-nails (hammer not included).
    • Includes the F49 Clamp.
    • 4 oz. bottle of wood glue.
    Part #: LGNF300-4


  13. Logan F300-2 Picture Framing Pro Joiner

    • V-Nail alignment pins.
    • A djustable v-nail spacing guide and settings.
    • rives all v-nail sizes and can be used for stacking v-nails.
    • Can be used on hard or soft wood.
    Part #: LGNF300-2


  14. Logan F300-7 Elite Joiner Riser

    • Product Type: Accessory for F300-3 Elite Joiner
    • Height Range: Maximum 42" (107 cm)
    • Provides a work table surface
    • Quantity: 1pk
    Part #: LOGAN-F300-7-A


  15. Logan F62 Frame Glue Accelerator - 1.7 oz

    • Helps F61 Frame Glue Bond Faster.
    • Makes a Stronger Bond.
    • Comes in a Spray Bottle. Glues up to 500 frames per bottle.
    • Speed curing.
    Part #: LOGAN-F62


  16. Logan F61 Frame Glue - 0.9 oz

    • Bonds Frame Moldings Together.
    • Strong Bonding Glue.
    • Can Be Used with Glue Accelerator.
    • Glues up to 50 frames per bottle.
    Part #: LOGAN-F61


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