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Graphtec FCX4000-50 25.9" X 19.2" Flatbed Vinyl Cutter and Plotter
$9,995.00 NewCondition InStock
Graphtec FCX4000-50 25.9" X 19.2" Flatbed Vinyl Cutter and Plotter

Graphtec FCX4000-50 25.9" X 19.2" Flatbed Vinyl Cutter and Plotter

Part #: FCX4000-50
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Brand: Graphtec

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Main Features:
  • Stronger Media Hold-Down.
  • Provided tools suitable for many applications.
  • Intuitive operation with 3.7" LCD.
  • Offline operation supported by use of USB flash memory.


This Graphtec FCX4000-50 25.9" X 19.2" Flatbed Vinyl Cutter and Plotter achieves high quality cutting with improving of the quality and accuracy by enhancing rigidity of the sliding mechanism and the driving system. It is the best flatbed type cutting plotter that has a high usability and productivity equipped with new functions. It is an economical cutting solution for small to medium print on demand jobs - using electrostatic to hold media. Graphtec FCX4000-50's operation is intuitive with its new control panel, 3.7" LCD screen, and USB / barcode functionality. This flatbed vinyl cutter and plotter has a maximum speed of up to 29.5"/sec, a maximum force of up to 600 gf (5.88N), and has a cutting area of 25.98" x 19.21" (W x H) that supports 2 sheets of A3+ size. If you are looking for a low-cost but accurate die-free cutting and processing vinyl cutter and plotter, then the Graphtec FCX4000-50 is the perfect match for you.

Product Details

  • Stronger Media Hold-Down. Holds media by electrostatic that is generated by electrodes arranged inside the panel. This method is suitable for cutting light weight materials.
  • Provided tools suitable for many applications. The FCX4000 series has 2 tool holder in the carriage. Using 2 different tools in the same job increases work efficiency.
  • Intuitive operation with 3.7" LCD. Settings can be easily set using the large 3.7-inch LCD (240 x 128 dots).
  • Offline operation supported by use of USB flash memory. Cut and plot data is created with Cutting Master 4 or Graphtec Pro Studio. That saved data may be transferred to a USB flash memory and the cut plot data file can be selected from the USB on the FCX4000 using its menu operations. This simplified work-flow enables users to operate without being connected to the computer.
  • Data management using bar-code function with USB flash memory. When performing contour cutting, also known as “Print & Cut”, the cutting data is automatically selected from the prepared USB flash memory. The FCX4000 scans the bar code printed on the media then automatically performs the contour cutting job. This emerging method helps to prevent operator error of using incorrect data - thus improving workflow efficiency.
  • Expanded Contour Cutting Area. This included function expands the print and cut area to include objects outside of the registration marks! Production efficiency is enhanced and media waste is reduced.
  • Supports Standard Crop Marks. Contour cutting pre-printed media is also possible using “standard crop marks.” This operation is available with the included Cutting Master 4 plug-in workflow.
  • Reversed Color Registration Marks. Registraiton marks are detectable when there is sufficient contrast against the mark and its background. Ultra glossy and reflective media offer challenges for accurate registration mark detection. With this reversed color output, the sufficient contrast is brought back for the ability to contour cut pre-printed ultra glossy and reflecting sheeting.


  • Effective Cutting Area: 25.98" x 19.21" (W x H)
  • Unit Dimensions (Includes Stand): W 42.87" x D 35.31" x H 8.03"
  • Max. Cutting Speed: 29.5"/s (1 to 75 cm/s in 23 steps)
  • Cutting Force: Tool 1: Max. 5.88 N (600 gf) / Tool 2: Max. 5.88 N (600 gf)
  • Distance Accuracy: Max.0.2% of the distance moved or 0.1mm, whichever is larger (excluding contraction of media, in plotting/cutting mode)
  • Repeatability: Max 0.1mm (excluding contraction of media, in plotting/cutting mode)
  • Interface to PC: USB2.0 (Full Speed) / RS-232C / Ethernet (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX)
  • Command Sets: GP-GL / HP-GL / AUTO (Automatic switching in GP-GL and HP-GL)
  • Operating panel: 3.7-inch graphical LCD (same LCD as the FCX2000)
  • Standard Software: Graphtec Pro Studio (for Wins), Graphtec Studio (for Mac), Cutting Master 4 (Win/Mac)
  • Optional Software: Graphtec Pro Studio Plus
  • New features: Dual configuration, Creasing in the curve, Perforation cutting (performed by the force control), Data management using the bar-code, Offline cutting operation using the USB memory, Display the degree of wear for the cutting blade, Confirming the cutting object size, Draft mode (higher throughput in arc)
  • Features:
    • Added Function: multiple marks compensation with one mark, support multi-mark origin movement, mark origin function, support Illustrator crop mark, expanding cutting area, ISM, reverse-side cutting/creasing, pressing mechanism for media.
    • Other Functions: axis alignment in 2/3/4-point, multiple mark compensation, segment area compensation, auto mark detection, auto expansive adjustment, copy with registration mark.
  • Compatible OS:
    • Windows 10 (Home / Pro / Enterprise / Education)
    • Windows 8.1 (Windows 8.1 / Pro / Enterprise)
    • Windows 8 (Windows 8 / Pro / Enterprise)
    • Windows 7 (Ultimate / Enterprise / Professional / Home Premium)
    • Mac OS X 10.7 to 10.11 / macOS 10.12 (Sierra) to 10.13 (High Sierra)
  • Configuration: Digital servo system, Flatbed
  • Media hold-down method: Electrostatic panel
  • Mountable media: 21.10" (Y-axis direction)
  • Cutting force settings: Tool 1: in 48 steps, Tool 2: in 48 steps
  • Minimum character size: Approx. 10 mm square (varies with character font and media)
  • Mechanical resolution: 0.005 mm (5µm)
  • Programmable resolution: GP-GL mode: 0.1/0.05/0.025/0.01 mm, (HP-GL is registered trademark of the Hewlett-Packard Corporation of the United States.) : 0.025 mm
  • Perpendicularity: Max 0.3 mm / 16.93" (excluding contraction of media, in plotting/cutting mode)
  • Buffer memory: 2MB
  • Number of tools: 2 tools
  • Warranty: 2-Yr Parts and Labor Warranty
  • Type of Media:
    • Self-adhesive marking film (vinyl, fluorescent, reflective).
    • Stiff paper/card (for stencils, etc).
    • Polystyrene foam.
    • Sandblast rubber sheets.
    • Micro flute board (F/G grades).
    • Clear sheets for plastic boxes.
    • High-intensity reflective film for materials that can not be held down by electrostatic, it is required to use the optional cling mat or adhesive sheet.
  • Cutter blade, pen, and tool types:
    • Cutter blade: supersteel
    • Pen: water-based fiber-tip pen
    • Creasing/scoring tool
  • Power supply: 100 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz (Auto switching)
  • Power consumption: Max. 120 VA
  • Operating environment: Temperature: 10 to 35 degree C ,Humidity: 35 to 75% RH (non-condensing)
  • Guaranteed accuracy environment: Temperature: 16 to 32 degree C, Humidity: 35% to 70% RH (non-condensing)
  • External dimensions (W x D x H) (Tolerance: +/- 5 mm): W 42.87" x D 35.31" x H 8.03"
  • Weight: approx. 63.93 lbs (29kg)
  • Supported software: Cutting Master 4, Graphtec Pro Studio, Graphtec Studio for Mac, Windows Driver
  • Compatible Standards:
    • Safety: UL/cUL, CE mark
    • EMC: VCCI Class A, FCC Class A, CE mark (EN55032, others)


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