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HSM K80 Baler for FA500 Shredders

HSM K80 Baler for FA500 Shredders

HSM K80 Baler for FA500 Shredders

HSM K80 Baler for FA500 Shredders

Part #: HSM-6209P03430
Brand: HSM
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The HSM K80 Baler for FA500 Shredders is a high output, easy to use industrial bailing system for business with a demand for massive amounts of shredding. It offers an automatic compressing system to be used with the HSM FA500 shredders for processing your material into easy to manage recycling bales. Equipped with easy to use controls, quiet operation, and an output speed of up to 10 (132lb) bales per hour. The HSM K80 baler is capable of 7 tons of compression with its wear-free hydraulic system, making the K80 the easy to manage way to recycle bales of material. Part Number is HSM-2990209007.

Product Details

  • Automatically and economically compresses material into bales suitable for recycling.
  • Wear-free hydraulic system requires very little maintenance.
  • HSM K80 combinations are manufactured with dust-free connections.
  • Easy to use control panel for a safe and efficient operation.
  • Modern technology providing low noise and energy saving operation.
  • Bales shredded or whole materials quickly and easily.
  • Use Baler option with HSM FA500 Shredders.


  • Output Speed: up to 10 (132lb) bales per hour
  • Bailing Power: 7 tons
  • Compression Time: 17 seconds
  • Bale Size: 20" x 16-24" x 20"
  • Baling Weight: 66-132 lbs
  • Output/HR: Approx. 10 bales
  • Dimensions: 47"W x 34"D x 91"H
  • Color: Grey
  • Horse Power: 4 HP
  • Continuous Motor: Yes
  • Voltage: 208V
  • Part Number: HSM-2990209007


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HSM K80 Baler Review

For many large industries and corporations, the most cost-effective way to dispose of massive quantities of waste is a shredder baler system.  The HSM K80 Baler is designed to work in conjunction with either the HSM FA490.2 or FA500.2.  With either of these shredders providing waste content, this machine efficiently compresses material into compact bales ready for recycling.  Let's take a closer look at the details of the K80 Baler.


  • This automatic compressing system delivers high output while still being easy to use.  A simple control panel offers safe and efficient operation.  Modern technological design provides quiet operation as compared to other similar machines.  It also runs in an energy conserving mode, saving you money on electricity costs.
  • If you currently pay for recycling, this machine will reduce the frequency of pickups needed. All shredded waste will be automatically and economically compacted into bales ready for recycling.  This will also allow you to store the shreds more efficiently, as the bales can easily be stacked along a wall or in a corner and take up less space than large shred bags.
  • The hydraulic system is designed to be wear-free, requiring very little maintenance. Connections between the shredder and baler are dust-free.  These two features work to keep your system running at peak performance levels.
  • Both shredded and whole materials are baled.  The shredder will keep running while the baler is working, saving you time by not having to wait for one to finish before continuing with the other.
  • All items are compressed by 7 tons of pressure.  Each compression takes about 17 seconds with a total output of around 6-10 bales per hour.  The compact bundles weigh anywhere from 66 to 132 pounds.  A convenient bale removal cart rolls the 20" x 16-24" x 20" packages to storage so you don't have to carry them by hand.
  • HSM guarantees this product with a one year warranty on parts and labor.


  • Balers in general are heavy and this particular one weighs about 900 pounds.  Even with casters on the bottom for added mobility, it will be bulky and heavy to roll around.
  • The K80 can only be used with the FA490.2 or FA500.2 shredders.  Manufacturers often design shredders and balers to be used together, so this isn't out of the ordinary.  If you already have a different industrial shredder, you'll need to look into which baler will fit with your machine.
  • This machine is very pricey, especially considering you have to purchase a specific shredder separately.  You should know that these types of equipment are usually expensive, no matter which one you choose.  Put it in your budget now, so when the time comes you'll be ready.

As you can see, this device is ideal for businesses with large amounts of shredded waste.  It will take any unwanted material and transform it into a compact bale ready for recycling.  This machine is both convenient and efficient.  While users may prefer a wider selection of balers, this one is definitely capable of handling all your baling needs.  We would highly recommend the HSM K80 to any office.

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