X-Acto X209 No. 9 Retractable Blade - 5pk
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X-Acto X209 No. 9 Retractable Blade - 5pk

Part #: EPIX209
Brand: X-Acto
  • Blade Size:#9
  • Blade Length: 1.60"
  • Cutting Style:Straight
  • Blade Type:Light Duty
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Product Description

This X-Acto X209 No. 9 Retractable Blade is an excellent detail blade for making precise cuts through a range of lightweight materials. The fully retractable blade is thin enough to make the careful cuts you need but also sturdy enough not to snap under light pressure. Use with a large variety of medium and lightweight materials, including light cardboard, paper, film, cloth, plastic and more. These X-Acto X209 No. 9 Retractable Blades are crafted with sharpened carbon steel for a reliable cut and fit with most X-Acto retractable knife models.

Product Details

  • Precision-crafted of the highest quality carbon and stainless steel
  • Features hard, sharp points and finely honed cutting edges
  • Designed to handle a variety of tasks in which accuracy and cutting ease are essential
  • #9 Blade Length: 1-3/5"
  • 5 / Pack

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Item Specifications

  • Product Type:Utility Knife Blade
  • Blade Size:#9 - 1.60" Length
  • Blade Type:Light Duty
  • Cutting Style:Straight
  • Color:Stainless Steel
  • Material:Carbon Steel
  • Compatibility:X3209 Knife
  • Packaged Quantity:5/PK
  • Manufacturer Part Number:26455

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