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3-Ring Binders

Three ring binders are perfect for holding documents, presentation materials, homework, training manuals, and more. Here you will find one of the web's largest selections of binder sizes, styles, and accessories. We have every size you might need in both standard and premium clear view binders as well as a selection of half and legal sized binders. Durable Presstex options are excellent for use in the elements while antimicrobial options are designed to help you stay healthy. We also have a variety of accessories, including sheet protectors, adhesive pockets, prepunched paper, and more. Whether in a home or office setting, three ring binders are a must to keep yourself organized. Check out our awesome selection today.

Buyers Guide

Choosing the Right Three Ring Binder for Your Organization

ring binders buyers guideSo you need a  three ring binder. This shouldn't be a difficult task, you just grab one and go, right? You could, but then you run the risk of grabbing the wrong one. Who knew there were so many options for binders? Let's take a look  together.

View or Non-View binders, that is the question.  A basic difference in binders is whether or not the front cover is clear, allowing you to insert a cover, hence the name “view” binder. The other option is plain, where the vinyl coating is the same all around. View binders range from a simple clear cover to a complete clear wraparound. Clear binders allow you to insert a customized sheet to help convey your ideas. These are a great choice for presentations, trade shows, sales, etc.

Size and color are a big factor as well. Just about any style of binder comes in a variety of sizes, with the most common ones being half, letter, oversize, legal, and tabloid size. Many also come in international sizes, such as A3 and A4. Most binders are white, though a selection of colors are available. For non-view binders, the color selection is much larger. Standard black, red, blue, green and more are widely available with just about every color of the rainbow offered in one brand or another. You can also find translucent options as well as colorful textured selections in certain brands. For example, we carry one with a pink alligator look. When choosing the correct size, be mindful of any extras that may make their way into your document. Index tabs and page protectors are commonly used; binders exist to both display as well as conceal these items when closed.

Thickness is another element of size that is important. Binders come as small as 1/2” and go up to four inches in width. Adding too many pages into a single binder will make it difficult to turn the pages. On the flip side, presenting materials in a binder way too big is also not a good idea. Either extreme will make you look unprofessional and unprepared. A good rule of thumb is 100 sheets for every half inch, though 100 sheets will fit much better in a one inch binder than a smaller half inch size. When choosing your thickness, consider not just what items you'll be adding now but also if you'll need to add extra pages in the future. Presentations may stay the same but recipe books or employee records will likely grow over time. Along these same lines is the ring style. Binders generally come with either a round ring or a D-ring. Keep in mind that round rings hold less than their D-ring counterparts.

Other considerations include specialty binders.  Hanging binders might make the most sense for your document storage needs. A selection of unique options are also available, including a double binder from Avery. Many binders come with antimicrobial  protection, giving you extra protection from germs in a busy office. And with the green movement that is sweeping the country, you may opt for an eco-friendly binder.

Many tools exist to help keep your binders organized. We've mentioned sheet protectors above, which come in a variety of size and capacity options, with or without tabs. Adhesive pockets allow you to add a clear holder to virtually any surface, including the inside of a binder. Sheet lifters keep your pages from sticking to the front or back of the binder. Zip pouches can go inside your binder to hold items such as pens and pencils. Hole reinforcements stick to the punches of your paper, securing them inside the binder for longer. These and other accessories work with your three-ring binder to keep you organized.

Looking for a way to organize materials without punching holes? You might be interested in a padfolio or a clipboard. Padfolios hold a notepad and often have slots for other papers, business cards, even a pen. Speaking of paper, we have you covered there as well. Reinforced paper will help keep your materials securely attached to the rings. For those in the medical field, we offer healthcare prepunched paper with holes on either the top or the left side. Looking for easy tear off sheets? We also have perforated paper. A few other items you'll find on our site include door hangers, rotary file cards, notebooks, and a variety of other accessories.

Still have questions about the right binder for your needs? Give us a call and one of our experts will be happy to guide you in your selection.

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