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Sorry, but GBC Shredmaster GLM11 Micro-Cut Paper Shredder - 1770050 is no longer available to buy.

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GBC Shredmaster GLM11 Micro-Cut Paper Shredder - 1770050

GBC Shredmaster GLM11 Micro-Cut Paper Shredder - 1770050

  • GBC Shredmaster GLM11 Micro-Cut Paper Shredder - 1770050

GBC Shredmaster GLM11 Micro-Cut Paper Shredder - 1770050

Part #: 1770050
Brand: GBC


The new GBC Shredmaster GLM11 is a heavy duty micro cut shredder designed for frequent use in large and medium departments. The GLM-11 has a 10.2 inch throat to easily handle both documents as well as staples, paper clips, CD's and credit cards. The Shredmaster GLX11 shreds documents into micro-cut pieces that are 3/32" x 19/32" for a level 4 security level. It can shred up to 11 sheets of paper at a time and includes a continuous duty motor that will not overheat or require you to stop shredding after a certain ammount of time. The GLM11 is part of GBC's new GL line of heavy duty paper shredders which are available in strip cut, cross cut, micro cut and super micro cut configurations.

Product Details

  • 3/32" x 19/32" Micro Cut Pieces
  • Security Level 4 For High Security
  • Maximum 11 sheets of paper in a single pass
  • Shreds staples, paper clips, CDs and credit cards.
  • Shreds at speeds of 16 feet per minute
  • Auto Start/Stop/Reverse
  • Continuous Run Time Without Need for Cooldown
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty on parts/labor, 20 Year Warranty on Cutters.
  • On-site warranty included
  • Uses waste bags: 1765015 (plastic), 1765021 (paper)
  • Unit Dimensions: 35" H x 20" W x 16" D
  • List Price: $2,399.99
  • GBC Part Number: 1770050 , G1770050
  • Primary UPC: 033816095830

Product Reviews


GBC Shredmaster GLM11 Micro Cut Paper Shredder Review

Shredders are a vital part of many offices today.  One great machine for large departments is the GBC Shredmaster GLM11.  This device matches automatic functions, decent capacities, and high security for an easy to use, convenient machine.  Durable design allows this machine to stand up to the heavy shredding needed by an office with more than ten people.  Here is a closer look at the strengths and weaknesses of the GLM11.


  • Automatic features greatly contribute to the simple operation.  Inserted materials are detected in the feed and shred on cue.  When they’ve finished, the blades shut down automatically.  If a jam occurs, the auto reverse helps to clear it by sending the clogged material back out to the user.    Optical signals on a lit display panel keep the user constantly updated on the machine’s status.  After two minutes of no use, the engine quiets down to a energy conserving mode to save electricity.
  • The powerful motor is rated for continuous duty.  This means is can shred all day without needing frequent cool down periods.
  • As many as 11 stapled or paperclipped sheets can enter the nine inch feed opening at once.  The blades can also handle credit cards, CDs, and DVDs.  Materials are shred at a respectable rate of 18 feet per minute, quickly rendering all your documents unreadable.
  • The micro cutting mechanism takes full size paperwork and turns it into small particles only 3/32″ by 19/32″ in size.  These tiny pieces earn a level four security rating.  At this level, all your financial, medical, and personal information stays safe.
  • Shredding remnants fall into a voluminous 30 gallon waste bin.  You have a choice of plastic or environmentally friendly paper shred bags.  The container is housed in a cabinet for easy removal and replacement when the bags are full.
  • GBC offers one of the best warranties in the business.  This model has two year coverage including on-site service.  The cutters carry an impressive 20 year guarantee.


  • The lower capacities seen on this machine are fairly typical of high security machines.  Generally, higher security equals lower capacity and speed.  If your needs are more for quantity rather than high security, we recommend the GLX3055.
  • Unlike many other GBC shredders, this one isn’t equipped with Jam Free technology.  As long as you don’t overload the blades, you shouldn’t have much of a problem with jams.
  • At 156 pounds, this is one heavy machine.  Unfortunately, there aren’t casters on the bottom to add mobility.  We suggest using a dolly if you need to move it around.

The GBC Shredmaster GLM11 is definitely able to handle the high security needs of a medium to large office.  Automatic features provide ease of use while the micro cutting blades dice up all your private information and keep your identity safe.  When you add on an impressive warranty backing, this is one machine you won’t regret investing in.  We think the GLM11 is an excellent choice for your next office shredder.

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