SureBind Binding

SureBind Binding
SureBind Binding uses a 10 Pin configuration with Hot Knife technology to rivet your presentation together. Being a permanent type of binding, Debinding tools are available to easily edit your documents, though they destroy the binding spine. There are three color of spines, and VeloBind hardcovers are completely compatible with the SureBinding style.
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SureBind Binding - A How To Guide
SureBind Binding

While GBC Surebind is not one of the most popular binding systems, it can be the perfect choice for some businesses. It is similar in appearance to Velobind, but has its own unique characteristics. GBC Surebind is easy to use, and it will be even easier for you after reading this article full of essential information about the process. Surebind documents look just like Velobind documents from the outside; however, Surebind spines are comprised of an eleven inch spine with ten unevenly spaced pins in them while Velobind binding uses evenly spaced pins instead. Spines for Surebind are designed to work in conjunction with plastic comb binding punches. This is a nice feature that allows you to use a single piece of equipment to create publications in two distinct binding styles. Surebind strips are designed to create a close fit, ensuring security of your pages.

This type of binding is long lasting. You can be sure your pages are permanently bound and can not be removed, altered, or supplemented without removing the spine and rebinding the entire publication. This feature is usually an asset, but can create problems if you have not invested in a de-binder tool to safely remove the spines without hurting yourself or someone else. This tool is an affordable investment at only $15.

Unlike some other types of binding that limit the width of your publication to one or two inches, Surebind can accommodate documents up to three inches thick (approximately 750 pages!). This is the widest spine available on any desktop binding equipment. Pay attention to the model you buy as some of the Surebind models are manufactured for thinner publications.

A nice feature of this system is that you will not need to invest in all sorts of supplies. Spines are available in three standard sizes that are engineered to work with the sizes of documents discussed above. It is kind of amazing that it only takes three strip sizes to create such a variety of document thicknesses. Be careful when ordering supplies that you select the ten pin Surebind strips instead of eleven pin Velobind strips. These two types are not interchangeable, so ordering the wrong supplies can mean down time until the right supplies come in.

In addition to soft covers, you can choose to bind your publications in hard covers for a sharp look. Hard covers include two fly leaves and a case. The fly leaves are affixed to your document using their self-adhesive backing. Hard covers offer a very distinguished, high-end look that is sure to make an impression on your current and prospective clients.

Keep this list of basics in mind as you begin to work with your equipment. Remember the only thing separating the publications your office puts together and those high-quality publications effortlessly churned out by professional binderies and printers is having the right tools. By investing in quality binding equipment for your own office, you are taking an important step toward joining the big leagues.


SureBind Binding Machines Overview

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