Duplo Perfect Binding Machines
Looking for a high volume binding machine with simple application and instructions? Duplo binding machines provides the high-quality binding with user-friendly process. This amazing machine is capable to bind up to 290 sheets per cycle, creating up to 200 books per hour. Clamping and nipping system design provides a consistent square binds, ensuring the perfect product from start to finish. Duplo machines will ensure that your work looks professionally bound and finished. If you're concerned about which machine will work best for your needs, just give us a call!

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  1. Duplo Hot Melt Spine Glue for DB-250/280/290 Perfect Binders (35lb/Box)

    • Compatible With: DB-250, DB-280 and DB-290 Perfect Binders
    • Offers better adhesion for digitally printed output
    • Quantity: 1 box (35lb/Box)
    • Part Number: AAG-DB290SPINEGLU
    Part #: GDB290SPINEGLU


  2. Duplo Side Glue for DB-290 Perfect Binding Machine

    • For use with the side glue applicator in the DB-290 perfect binder.
    • Provides the strongest hold on your book pages while retaining proper flexibility.
    • Must only be used in the side glue compartment of the DB-290 or the side-glue option on the DB-280.
    • It is packed in a 22lb box.
    Part #: GDB290SIDEGLUE


  3. Duplo DB-290 Desktop Perfect Binder

    • Max. Book Size: 12.6" x 15.75" (320 mm x 400 mm )
    • Max. Cover Size: 12.6" x 33" (320 mm x 838.2 mm )
    • Glue Warm-up: 25 minutes
    • Cycle Speed: Up to 360 cycles per hour
    Part #: DB-290


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3 Items

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