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Formax FD390 Air Feed Document Folder
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Formax FD390 Air Feed Document Folder

Formax FD390 Air Feed Document Folder

Part #: FD390
Brand: Formax
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The FD 390 high speed air feed document folder is ideal for mail rooms, print shops, mail houses or virtually any other high volume environment. The bottom in-feed air system allows for continuous loading of forms while the extended out-feed stacker cuts down on the unloading of folded documents. Both features decrease processing time and increase efficiency. A chart for seven common fold settings is located on the out-feed stacker for easy setup. Micro-adjustment knobs are used to fine-tune the stopper position making crisp and accurate folds every time. The rigid steel fold plate construction gives the FD 390 the strength to absorb the impact of up to 65 lb. cover stock and gives a crisp accurate fold every time. Virtually any coated or uncoated job can be processed ranging in paper size from 3" W x 5" L up to 14" W x 20" L. Maintenance-free sealed ball bearings eliminate the need to lubricate bearings and provide a long lasting equipment life. Automatic roller tensioning compensates for different paper thicknesses increasing fold roller life and decreasing setup time. A rack and pinion side guide design compensates for unsquare paper. With this system, side guides are easily adjusted for the paper skew and returned to square. The unique air-blast control increases or decreases airflow to the in-feed table offering better separation of forms and increasing the accuracy of feeding curled forms and/or forms with static electricity.A clearly marked and conveniently located control panel makes for ease of operation. The in-feed and out-feed are located on the same side of the folder decreasing operator fatigue. A fold chart with seven common fold settings is located on the out-feed stacker making setup quick and easy.

Product Details

  • Bottom Air Feed: Allows for continuous loading of forms
  • Multiple Air Adjustments: Allows for feeding consistency on varying applications
  • 5-digit Counter: Keeps an accurate count of folded documents
  • Adjustable Side Guides: Compensates for unsquare paper stock. Guides can be easily adjusted for the skew and returned to square
  • Fine Tune Adjustment: Accurately sets stoppers for crisp and accurate folds
  • Extended Out-feed Stacker: Keeps folded documents in a neat sequential order
  • User Friendly Design: The in-feed and outfeed are located on the same side, saving space and time
  • Heavy Duty Fold Plates: Solid steel construction allows for the processing of heavier stock paper
  • Adjustable Paper Fold Length: Folds documents from 3" x 5" to 14" x 20"
  • Variable Speed: Folds up to 35,000 forms per hour
  • Perf / Score Attachment: Perforates and scores 20-28 lb paper
  • Options:
    • FD 396: Right angle folder
    • Dedicated Perf / Score Attachment: Perforates and scores heavy paper stock
    • 402 Series Jogger: Reduces static electricity and aligns forms for proper feeding


  • Hopper Capacity: Up to 350 sheets
  • Variable Speed: Up to 35,000 pieces/hr
  • Paper Size: 5" - 20" L x 3" - 14" W
  • Paper Weight: Up to 65 lb. cover stock
  • Power: 110 VAC 20 amp (60 Hz)
  • Dimensions: 24.5" W x 49" L x 27" H
  • Weight: 310 lbs
  • Warranty:
    • 90 day limited warranty on parts.
    • Excluding wearables and labor.


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Formax FD390 Air Feed Document Folder Review

The Formax FD390 Air Feed Document Folder is an ideal system for mail rooms, print shops and other offices needing efficient high volume folding. Designed to fold a wide variety of paper sizes and weights into multiple fold styles, this machine is highly versatile and convenient. Here is a more detailed look at the strengths and weaknesses of the FD390.


  • The air feed system makes this folder stand out from other Formax machines. Multiple air flow adjustments offer consistent feeding of individual pages into the plates. The bottom air feed mechanism pulls the lowest pages first, allowing constant refilling from the top while in use. Adjustable side guides compensate for items that aren't completely square. The skew is adjusted for, then returned to square for the next batch. Fine tuning knobs precisely set the stoppers for crisp, even folds.

  • Heavy duty steel plates offer precise folding for heavier stock, up to 65lb cover stock, including coated and glossy paper. Automatic roller tensioning accounts for variations in paper thickness.

  • A chart for seven common folds provides easy setup. They include "C", "Z", half, gate, double parallel, engineering, and right angle folds. Custom folds can also be created by fold plate manipulation. With these options, you can create countless documents, including bulletins, menus, invoices, newsletters, flyers, and more.

  • The input and output are located on the same side of the machine for easier access and to save space. The extended outfeed stacker slides items out in a neat, sequential fashion.

  • The hopper can hold up to 350 sheets which are processed as fast as 35,000 pieces per hour. The recommended duty cycle is around 400,000 pieces per month. Running your machine more than this on a consistent basis will cause it to wear out quickly.

  • Formax provides a 90 day limited warranty on this device, excluding consumable parts, labor, and shipping.


  • One major downfall of this machine is the manual setup. For experienced users or offices rarely changing fold styles, this may not present much of a problem. But companies needing to frequently move the plates around may wish to save themselves the hassle and invest in an automatically adjusting machine.

  • Another feature that would be nice on this machine is the ability to fold multiple sheets together. Again, many companies don't need this function and won't be bothered by the lack of it. If your office often folds large amounts of multi-page documents, then you may prefer a device with this capability.

  • The last thing to be aware of is the size of this folder. It weighs over 300 pounds and won't be easy to move. If you will need to relocate it frequently, we suggest storing it on a cart for simple mobility.

As you can see, the Formax FD390 is capable of accommodating the folding needs of any office. Heavy duty steel plates quickly complete a variety of folds in various materials, resulting in a convenient and efficient device. You will see increased productivity, which will save you time and money. Eventually this folder will pay for itself. The Formax FD390 is an excellent choice for your next office paper folder.

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