Letter Openers
We offer high quality options designed to sit on your desk to help you process the mail as it comes in. Our line of handheld letter openers will match whatever office setting you have. Keep it on your desk or in your set of drawers--we have bright colors, professional black, and rosewood handles. Whatever your needs, we have a letter opener that should fit your needs. Take a look at the choices below and select the option that best fits your needs.

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  1. Handheld Letter Opener

    • Conveniently shaped to fit easily in your fingertips
    • Sharp blade easily and neatly slits open envelopes
    • Operating Mode: Manual
    • Color: Assorted
    Part #: MYBSLO150


  2. Clean Slit Handheld Letter Opener

    • Delivers a convenient, clean cut
    • Black plastic casing and steel blade
    • Operating Mode: Manual
    • Color: Black
    Part #: MYBCSLO285


  3. Survivor Tyvek Handheld Letter Opener

    • Compact design increases portability
    • Provides the help needed to get into super-tough Tyvek envelopes or other envelopes
    • Operating Mode: Manual
    • Packaged Quantity: 1 Each
    Part #: MYBSTLO537


  4. Deluxe Compact Handheld Letter Opener

    • Offers safe and reliable operation for all envelope openings
    • Compact size allows it to fit in any desk drawer or on desktop.
    • Features a protected firmly secured blade.
    • Operating Mode: Manual
    Part #: MYBDCLO234


  5. Rosewood Handle Handheld Letter Opener

    • Popular stiletto style
    • Opens letters, boxes and packages
    • Features a stainless steel blade
    • Operating Mode: Manual
    Part #: MYBRHLO555


5 Items

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