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Logan F400-1 Picture Framing Fitting Tool

Logan F400-1 Picture Framing Fitting Tool

logan-f400-1-picture-framing-fitting-tool 1

Logan F400-1 Picture Framing Fitting Tool

Part #: LGNF400-1
Brand: Logan
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The Logan Fitting Tool is the ideal tool to insert the four most popular types of inserts that finish framed art. Logan’s unique swivel foot design drives single inserts including rigid points, flexible points, brad nails, and multi points for stretcher bar mounted artwork such as oil paintings. Each point is hand loaded one at a time and then driven choosing from four different insert types.

Product Details

  • Unique rotating head design drives four different inserts.
  • No slipping or bending.
  • Drives inserts into moulding up to 2 1/2" (6cm).
  • Uses inserts F9, F10, F11 and standard brad nails.
  • Can be used on hard or soft wood.
  • Includes 50 F11 flexible points.
  • Drive brads or point inserts.
  • Improved rubber foot.
  • Innovative four position swivel point holder.
  • Easy adjust foot.
  • Proper drive angle assured.
  • No guessing or skill required.


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LOGAN F400-1 Fitting Tool

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Questions & Answers
I need to purchase some of the "flexible inserts" used with the Logan F400-1 tool. Are they sold at specified stores? My ZIP code is 29909. Thank you.
Asked by Clayton Chapman 10 months ago
We are able to get the flexible inserts from LOGAN if you would need to place an order. Please contact our customer service at 800-944-4573 for help with that.

You would need to check with local stores to see if they carry them. They will usually retail at about $11.

Answered by Mybinding.com 10 months ago
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