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Martin Yale CDS200 CD Inserter Slitter and Perforator

Martin Yale CDS200 CD Inserter Slitter and Perforator

Martin Yale CDS200 CD Inserter Slitter and Perforator

Martin Yale CDS200 CD Inserter Slitter and Perforator

Part #: CDS200
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Using the Martin Yale CDS200 CD Insert Slitter makes creating high quality jewel case inserts for your CD's and DVD's easier than ever. With a convenient tabletop design the CDS200 is designed to quickly and easily convert an 8.5" x 11" printed sheet into two CD jewel case inserts that are cut to fit inside a standard CD jewel case. The inserts will not only be cut to the correct size but will also be perforated along the two side folds to make them simple to separate and insert. With the CDS200 you an cut and perf up to 4,200 inserts per hour making it an ideal solution for moderate to high volume CD production applications.

Product Details

  • Easily converts 8 1/2" x 11" sheets to two CD jewel case inserts that are cut to fit and perforated along the two side folds
  • Cutting blades are semi-self sharpening to allow for years of operation without sharpening or replacement
  • Adjustable paper guides
  • Cuts and perfs up to 4,200 inserts per hour
  • Cuts and perfs 24 lbs. bond or equivalent stock
  • Continuous feeding of stacks up to 5/8" thick
  • UPC Code: 11991912302
  • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty


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Martin Yale CDS200 CD Insert Slitter and Perforator Review


  • The Martin Yale CDS200 is designed for organizations that create and duplicate CD's. It cuts and perforates CD jewel case inserts that are printed two up on a letter sized sheet of paper.
  • This greatly simplifies the process of creating inserts for the back cover of your CD jewel cases. This allows you to add a back cover and imprinting on both the front and back spines of your CD cases.
  • No other system is faster or more convenient for allowing you to make CD case inserts.

Features/ Strengths:

  • The Martin Yale CDS200 is capable of producing up to 4200 CD jewel case inserts per hour. This makes it ideal for use in high volume CD duplication. Each insert will be perfectly cut to fit inside the jewel case and will be perforated to ensure that the small flaps on each end easily fold up to title the spines of your CD cases.
  • The CDS-200 uses a two step process for producing CD jewel case inserts. You simply insert a letter sized printed sheet into the bottom station and it will trim the left and right side of the document and cut the remaining portion in half. You then take the two piece that were produced in the first step and run them through the top station to finish the trimming and to add the perforation.
  • The CDS-200 uses self sharpening blades that are capable of operating for years without the need for replacement. However, if you do eventually need replacement blades they are available and reasonably priced.
  • The CDS-200 allows you to insert a stack of sheets up to 5/8" thick into the feed hopper on the machine. It will automatically feed each sheet through and trim it without the need for user intervention. This allows the operator to place the inserts into the jewel cases while the CDS200 is cutting. Just remember, this machine moves fast and it may be hard for one operator to keep up.


  • This machine provides the ability to make small adjustments to ensure that your documents feed and cut straight. However, it is really only designed for cutting CD inserts. It is highly efficient for this purpose but cannot be used to perforate, cut or score any other sizes of cards or documents. Users should not purchase the CDS200 for any purpose other than creating CD inserts.
  • The CDS-200 is designed for use with 24lb bond paper. This should be more than adequate for use in most CD cases. However, attempting to use the CDS-200 with heavier stocks is not recommended.


  • If you produce a huge number of CD's and are looking for a way to produce jewel case inserts the Martin Yale CDS200 is an awesome solution.
  • It offers great productivity and the perforated flaps make using the inserts a breeze.
  • However, it is important to remember that the CDS-200 is only designed for the production of CD jewel case inserts. It is not recommended for any other application and is not a good fit for a print shop or user who wants the ability to produce business cards or custom perforated documents.
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