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Martin Yale Express Tabber Tabbing Machine

Martin Yale Express Tabber Tabbing Machine

Martin Yale Express Tabber Tabbing Machine

Part #: EX5100
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The Martin Yale EX5100 Express Tabbing machine is designed to process up to 7,500 items per hour. It can accept rolls up to 5,000 tabs and can use 15/16" and 31/32" round tabs and 7/8" square tabs with either friction or tractor fed backing. With this machine, you can quickly and easily seal mail pieces with an adhesive tab to create mailings that comply with US postal regulations. There is no faster way to seal your mailings and process your mailers. Check out the Martin Yale EX5100 Express Tabber today.

Product Details

  • Seals mail pieces with an adhesive tab to create mailings that comply with U.S. postal requirements
  • Reduces cost of mailings by eliminating the need for envelopes
  • Accepts rolls of up to 5,000 tabs
  • Precision control of tab location
  • Handles media 5" to 12" wide and up to 1/8" thick
  • Process media at up to 7,500 pieces per hour
  • Accepts 15/16" and 31/32" round and 7/8" square tabs with either friction or tractor fed backing
  • Dimensions: 20" x 21" x 17"
  • Weight: 40 lbs.
  • UPC Code: 11991510003
  • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty


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Martin Yale EX5100 Express Tabber Tabbing Machine Review

For offices sending out repeated mass mailings, a machine to seal them is indispensable. The Martin Yale EX5100 is a great, basic system for sealing mail with adhesive tabs to create send-outs compliant with the US Postal Service requirements. This machine reduces total cost by eradicating the need for envelopes as well as decreasing manpower. Here is a closer look at this efficient machine.


  • The smaller dimensions of this machine make it perfect for desktop or tabletop use. It measures 20" x 21" x 17" and only weighs about 40 pounds. While you could move it fairly easily from one location to another, we'd recommend storing it on a cart for frequent relocation.

  • No matter what size documents you need sealed, this device can precisely center the tab. Electronic adjustments allow for exact centering. A permanent batch counter tallies items for you, allowing you to insert items and let the machine do the work for you. This saves you time from needing to count out the exact number beforehand. If anything goes wrong with this device, a built in diagnostic testing system performs simple troubleshooting.

  • The Express Tabber takes in a variety of documents for sealing. They can be as large as 5" by 12" and up to 1/8" thick. Materials are processed as fast as 7500 pieces per hour.

  • This device works well with both pin-fed and non pin-fed tabs. The tabs can be either a square size of 7/8" or a circle in either 15/16" or 31/32". A roll of 5000 tabs can fit onto the machine for continuous feeding. This gives you plenty of tabbing before you need to refill it. The tabs can have either friction or tractor fed backing for optimum adhesiveness.

  • Martin Yale provides a one year warranty on this tabbing machine.


  • The Express Tabber isn't able to label items. If your office mainly seals documents that can have printed on addresses, this won't be much of an issue for you. However, having a machine able to perform both functions can you valuable time. For this we recommend the Martin Yale EX5000.

  • This machine doesn't work with translucent tabs. Many businesses can just as easily use regular white tabs and be just fine with this. But if your office specifically prefers clear tabs, be sure you get a machine with this capability.

  • While 7500 pieces per hour sounds like a great output, be sure you take into consideration your company's needs. This is on the slower end of tabbing machines yet still produces swift results. Larger offices with higher quantities of mailers will probably prefer a faster machine with speeds up to 35,000 pieces per hour.

Overall, the Martin Yale EX5100 is an excellent tabbing machine. It provides rapid results, cutting down on time and money spent preparing mass distributions. This device would be ideal in mailrooms, distributions centers, political offices, and any other office creating a large number of newsletters, flyers, and other mailers. While it's too bad it can't handle clear tabs or labels, as long as you don't need these materials this will be a great machine for you. Go check out the EX5100 today to see if it's right for your office and get mailing!

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