Shredder Accessories

Every shred operation can be enhanced or streamlined with the proper accessories. We carry a variety of different attachments; add-ons and upgrades for different brands. Choose from well known brands like Dahle, MBM, Fellowes and more depending on the shredder you have or are dealing with. Accessories range from automatic oilers, conveyor belts, to extra storage cabinets. Anything you may need to help keep your operations smooth and organized. Browse the options we have available below.

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  1. Dahle CleanTEC Shredder Air Filter

    • Item Number: DA20710
    • Quantity: 1 Filter
    • Compatible Models: All Dahle CleanTEC Shredder Models
    • Quantity: 1 pk
    Part #: DA20710


  2. MBM Destroyit 5009 Modular Conveyor Belt System

    • Expand the shredding capacity of the 5009 to the size of the external shred container.
    • Electronically Secured Locking System
    • Part Number: MB-0332
    • Dimensions: 74 3⁄4 x 27 1⁄4 x 45 3⁄4 (D x W x H)
    Part #: MB-0332


  3. MBM Destroyit 5009 Shred Collection Cart

    • Massively expand the shredding capacity of the 5009 with this shred container.
    • Part Number: MB-0330
    • Dimensions: 30 1/2" x 26" x 32 1/4" (D x W x H)
    • Weight: 110 lbs
    Part #: MB-0330


  4. Royal Sovereign RS-SLS Shredder Lubricant Sheets - 10pk

    • Maintains optimal performance.
    • Patented formulation.
    • Ensures shredder blades maintain a clean cut.
    • Helps prevent paper jams.
    Part #: RS-SLS


  5. Proton DataDefender ATS Audit Tracking System

    • Designed to scan your hard drive serial numbers and log them into a report for audit purposes
    • Runs on a computer, laptop or tablet without requiring expensive third party hardware
    • NO memory storage limitations so UNLIMITED records can be maintained
    • Tamper-resistant, self-locking database prevents information from being modified or erased
    Part #: PRT-DDATS


  6. Protective Machine Covers - Silver Breathable Water-Resistant Dust Covers

    • Ideal for bench top tools.
    • Rugged cotton sheathing with plasticol coating.
    • Breathable yet water resistent.
    • Rolled hem with rubberized magnets on each corner.

    Starting At: $51.69

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  7. MBM Destroyit Lockable Collection Console - AC0282

    • Color: Light Grey
    • Material: Wood
    • Lock Type: Integrated Key Lock
    • Collection Bin Volume: 17 Gallons
    Part #: AC0282


  8. MBM Destroyit Lockable High Capacity Collection Cart - AC0283

    • Color: Grey
    • Material: Plastic
    • Lock Type: Integrated Key Lock
    • Collection Bin Volume: 95 Gallons
    Part #: AC0283


  9. Proton Degaussed Erased / Non-Usable Labels - 1000/Roll

    • Identify your hard drives and other media as erased and unusable.
    • Remove all opportunities for confusion.
    • Stick one on your drive to provide quick identification of degaussed media.
    • Quantity: Roll of 1,000 stickers
    Part #: ELABEL


  10. Proton Portable Degaussing Cart

    • Move any degausser or destroyer up to 1,200 lbs., making your workstation versatile and mobile.
    • Built with solid steel construction.
    • The shelves host 1.5" depth ensuring your machinery will remain on the surface of the cart safely and securely.
    • Easy maneuverability with 2 swivel and 2 rigid polyurethane casters, and a tubular push handle.
    Part #: DEGAUSCART


  11. Proton T-1.5 Degausser Deployment Case

    • Make transporting your degausser simple and safe.
    • With foam inserts.
    • Equipped with many well thought out features.
    • Extendable handle provides easy maneuverability.
    Part #: T1.5DEPLOY


  12. Proton T-4 Degausser Deployment Case

    • A custom built foam insert is included that provide protection when transporting
    • Equipped with casters for smooth movement on many different types of floor surfaces.
    • Makes it easy to move your degausser as necessary instead of moving messy, heavy stacks of drives to the machine.
    • To operate, simply lift the top of the case off, plug your degausser into an outlet, and begin degaussing.
    Part #: T4DEPLOY


  13. Proton PDS-100 Destroyer Deployment Case

    • Fits all components of Proton PDS-100 Destroyer
    • Makes it easy for users to relocate the Proton PDS-100 Destroyer and destroy drives anywhere.
    • Impact resistant and features a latching system that will protect your valued investment.
    • Features high quality custom molded foam cutouts that will ensure safety during transport.
    Part #: PDS100DEPLOY


  14. Proton PDS-75 Destroyer Deployment Case

    • Eliminate the hassle and security risks of transporting your sensitive data drives
    • Compatible exclusively with Proton Data’s PDS-75 HDD Destroyer.
    • Manufactured with thick foam cutouts, the PDS-75 sits securely in the case.
    • Boasts heavy duty latches that will secure your destroyer while in motion.
    Part #: PDS75DEPLOY


  15. ShredCare Shredder Lubricant Sheets

    • Prolongs the life of your shredder.
    • Helps prevent paper jams.
    • Reduces noise and paper dust.
    • Applies just the right amount of lubricant every time.

    Starting At: $6.43

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  16. ShredCare Paper Shredder Waste Bin Liners

    • Available in 3 Different Liner Capacity
    • These liners will fit most small and medium size shredder bins.
    • Specially made for the bigger office shredder waste bins.
    • Lightweight and durable liners.

    Starting At: $17.14

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16 Items

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