Destroyit Shredder Accessories
Enhance, upgrade, or enhance your current Destroyit model shredder. MBM offers a line of accessories for your unit to make your operation run much more smoothly, therefore keeping things streamlined and working efficiently. An automatic oiler, for instance, is going to keep your unit running smoothly essentially eliminating the risk of forgetting or neglecting it. Add a collection cart for easy hauling and moving of shreds when full, or even add a conveyor belt system effectively streamlining your shredding process. All of these are designed with the user in mind, and help your everyday process by leaps and bounds. Take a look at the options today and take advantage of the convenience that Destroyit offers.

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  1. MBM Destroyit Lockable Collection Console - AC0282

    • Color: Light Grey
    • Material: Wood
    • Lock Type: Integrated Key Lock
    • Collection Bin Volume: 17 Gallons
    Part #: AC0282


  2. MBM Destroyit Lockable High Capacity Collection Cart - AC0283

    • Color: Grey
    • Material: Plastic
    • Lock Type: Integrated Key Lock
    • Collection Bin Volume: 95 Gallons
    Part #: AC0283


  3. DestroyIt Automatic Oiler For 2602 Through 4004 Shredders

    • Compatible Models: Destroyit 2602 - 2604 Shredders
    • Part Number: MB-0018
    • Shredder Type: Accessories
    • Quantity: 1 pk
    Part #: MB-0018


  4. MBM Destroyit 5009 Shred Collection Cart

    • Massively expand the shredding capacity of the 5009 with this shred container.
    • Part Number: MB-0330
    • Dimensions: 30 1/2" x 26" x 32 1/4" (D x W x H)
    • Weight: 110 lbs
    Part #: MB-0330


  5. MBM Destroyit 5009 Modular Conveyor Belt System

    • Expand the shredding capacity of the 5009 to the size of the external shred container.
    • Electronically Secured Locking System
    • Part Number: MB-0332
    • Dimensions: 74 3⁄4 x 27 1⁄4 x 45 3⁄4 (D x W x H)
    Part #: MB-0332


5 Items

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