Paper Shredders

Paper Shredders

Protect your identity, financial data, and important business information with a high quality paper shredder. For most businesses, a shredding machine isn't just a necessity, it is the law. Don't allow your information or your customer's information to fall into the wrong hands. Choose a strip cut, cross cut, micro cut, high security or industrial shredder and step your security today with options from Dahle, Destroyit, Shredmaster, Swingline, HSM and Intimus.

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MyBinding carries a wide assortment of shredders specifically designed for an array of specific application, including high security, shredder hard drives or producing cardboard packing material. Browse our shredder specialties below.

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MyBinding offers laminators from these great brands.

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Shredders are classified by the type of shred that they produce, which in turn, is directly affected by the type of cut that they impose. The three most common types are; strip-cut, cross-cut, and micro-cut. The strip-cut machines shred long vertical pieces, as cross-cut adds horizontal cuts to make the shred pieces even smaller. Micro-cut machines shred to an even higher level of security essentially rendering your documents to tiny particles.

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When deciding on a shredder, it is pertinent that you align the security level of that unit with the needs of you or your organization. In this section you can narrow it down by the security level which is a scale from 2 to 6, with 6 being the highest. Each section is available in all of the top name brands in the industry including Fellowes, HSM, Dahle, and more. Maybe your organization needs documents simply strip cut, or maybe you are dealing with highly sensitive, classified information in which you need them obliterated into a fine powder. Either way, you will find what you need here.
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About Paper Shredders

Silver/Black Swingline paper shredder

Buying and using a paper shredder is something everyone should do these days. Not only is identity theft fairly common, there are federal privacy laws certain individuals and entities must follow. When you purchase a paper shredder you have a lot of decisions to make. This is because there are a lot of shredders on the market and each one have a different set of features to offer. This article will fill you in on the most common features to help you determine which ones matter the most to you.

Cross-cut v. strip-cut. This feature has to do with how the device processes the paper. Strip-cut machines turn documents into spaghetti-like strips and cross-cut ones turn paper into tiny particles. Strip-cut scraps can be reassembled so this type of device isn’t the best for highly confidential information. Those machine do happen to be cheaper so they’re a good choice if you’re on a budget.

The ability to shred non-paper items. A lot of the smaller shredders available can shred credit cards, staples, and paper clips for your convenience. Shredding a credit card is much safer than cutting it up and tossing the pieces in the garbage. There are also multimedia shredders that can handle items as varied as CD’s and DVD’s, DAT tape, floppy disks, and more. (There are some small and medium-sized shredders can handle some of these things.) And if you need to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), you can find a few machines that can easily destroy pill bottles and adhesive prescription labels.

Self-oiling or not. Every paper shredder needs to be oiled on a regular basis. With most of the smaller ones, you have to oil them manually. However, with largest machines (such departmental shredders), you can sometimes purchase automatic oilers for them. If you do end up with a device you need to manually oil, don’t be disappointed. Oiling is super easy and it doesn’t take long to do.

Safety features. Every paper shredder needs to have some type of safety feature. These machines are be very dangerous and can cause injuries even if you’re very careful. Some common safety features include interlock switches, automatic shutoff, and paper overfeed indicators. No matter which features your device has, make sure you exercise as much caution as possible when shredding.

A continuous-duty motor. If you’re going to be shredding a large amount of paper on a regular basis, you should get a machine with a continuous-duty motor. These devices can shred paper (and sometimes other items) non-stop and they don’t need to cool off. They’re perfect for busy offices.

These are some of the types of features you’re going to be seeing around when choosing the shredder that’s right for you. Now that you know what kinds of features are available, it will be easy for you to determine which type of machine you should get for your shredding needs. Start looking for your device today so you can protect your private information.

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Shredders Overview

Shredders Overview
Transcript: Welcome to MyBinding video. Looking for a shredder for your home or office? If it's on the market, we sell it. Every shape, size, color and brand, we have shredders that span the entire security range. We sell everything from the smallest little, in house paper shredders that fit on top of a trash can, to your medium sized ones that work really quiet in an office space and can handle up to many sheets at a time, as well as staples, (INAUDIBLE), paper clips and credit cards, and have very helpful features. We even carry very large machines that are used in the industrial setting to shred cardbo...