Standard Horizon 4070s Strip Cut Paper Shredder
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Standard Horizon 4070s Strip Cut Paper Shredder

Part #: 4070s
Brand: Standard
  • Security Level: Level 2 Strip Cut
  • Feed Width: 16"
  • Sheet Capacity: 40 sheets
  • Speed: 22 feet/min
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Product Description

The Standard 4070s departmental shredder provides a convenient, heavy-duty shredder in a durable machine ideal for medium to large businesses and departments. Designed for the low-level document security needs of any department, the Standard 4070s Strip Cut offers the convenience of automatic on/off, auto-reverse, an easy-to-empty waste container, an automatic shut-off that detects when the waste container is full or there is a jam, and most importantly, a continuous duty motor for all-day shredding. Built for medium to larger offices with a high demand of shredding documents and papers, the 4070s is capable of shredding 40 20lb paper sheets at a speed of 22 feet per minute with a level 2 security level. Equipped with a wide 16" feed width, a massive 50 gallon waste bin, and waste container open detection, the Standard 4070s provides a simple, easy-to-use, and heavy duty shredder to meet any office shredding need.

Product Details

  • Automatic On/Off
  • Continuous Cycle
  • Bag full/jam Auto-Off
  • Auto-Reverse
  • Waste Container Open Detection
  • Medium duty paper shredding
  • Mobile on Casters

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Item Specifications

  • Security Level: Level 2 Strip Cut
  • Feed Width: 16"
  • Sheet Capacity: 40 sheets
  • Shred Size: 1/4"
  • Speed: 22 feet/min
  • Waste Volume: 50 gallons
  • Motor HP: 2
  • Voltage: 115*
  • Weight: 325
  • Dimensions: 46.5" x 27.5" x 24"
  • Part Number: 4070s
  • Warranty: 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Staff Review

Standard Horizon 4070s Strip Cut Shredder Review

If you’re looking for a durable heavy duty, low security departmental shredder, the Standard Horizon 4070s Strip Cut Shredder is a great option. Built for continuous use in medium to larger businesses or departments, this machine is convenient and easy to use. The automatic features make it uncomplicated while the strip cutting blades quickly tear your documents into unreadable pieces. A large, easy to empty waste container completes the design. Here is a closer look at the 4070s.


  • A plethora of automatic functions make this machine extremely easy to use. The automatic on/off turns on the device when it senses documents in the paper feed. A continuous duty motor allows for constant, all day use so you never have to wait while the machine rests. If the blades are accidentally over fed, the machine stops shredding and the auto reverse feeds the paper back out, enabling the user to easily fix the jam and keep working. It also turns itself off when the bag is full, preventing over-filling of the waste container. Lastly, when the shredder is no longer in use, it automatically powers down, saving energy instead of powering an unused machine.
  • The extra wide 16 inch throat effortlessly devours most documents, accepting up to 40 sheets at one time. Slicing as fast as 22 feet per minute, this machine won’t waste your time.
  • Finally, the waste bin is an enormous 50 gallons. High volume storage and an easy to empty design give you less time spent taking out the trash and more time for other important tasks. When the bin does get emptied, a waste container open detection system lets a user know if the bin is still open and will not shred. This helps prevent accidental injuries from hands getting inside the shredder while it is running.


  • The strip cutting mechanism only provides a level 2 security level. For many offices with low risk documents, this is secure enough. However, if you need more security than ¼ inch strips can provide, you may want to upgrade to a cross cut model.
  • The motor on this shredder only slices at 22 feet per minute. Considering that this roughly equals two standard size sheets of paper and can take 40 sheets at once, this will be fast enough for most businesses. If your office has higher shredding needs, you may consider a model with faster shredding speeds.

Overall this departmental shredder is a great choice for the low security needs of many medium to larger offices. The automatic features of the 4070s, including an automatic on/off and auto reverse, allow for convenience and ease of use. The wide 16 inch throat is capable of accepting 40 sheets at once and quickly renders them into small, unreadable strips. A continuous duty motor offers all day shredding without needing down time to rest. When deciding on your next central shredder for your office, the Standard Horizon 4070s is an excellent choice to accommodate all your low security shredding needs.

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