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Substrate and Board Cutters

Cut nearly any flat material with a quality substrate cutter. From hard materials like glass and hardboard, to specialty materials like framing mat. No matter what you are displaying, we have a cutter to cut the proper material.

What Do You Need To Cut?

Shop by the material your are cutting. Substrate cutters can cut and score many different types of materials with one machine, but some are more limited in capability than others. Choose your most used material first.

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Visit these great brands for quality substrate and board cutters.

Shop By Cutting Lengths

Need a specific length for your cutter? Shop substrate cutters by cutting length to ensure you purchase a machine that is long enough for your projects.
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Substrate Cutter Accessories

Keep your substrate performing at its maximum by keeping your accessories up to date. Purchase new blades, expand your cutter with a cutting wheel or stand & more.

Shop by Cutter Orientation

It’s best to use a desktop cutter when cutting flexible materials like large banners up to 120 inches. Free standing cutters can cut up to 98 inches, and excel in cutting rigid materials, from foam core to glass.
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