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Ledco Educator 25" School Laminator

Ledco Educator 25" School Laminator

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Ledco Educator 25" School Laminator

Part #: 9025100D
Brand: Ledco
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The Educator 25" Roll Laminator combines the needs of media specialists and schools into one easy to use laminator. Featuring ease of use, reliability, value, and a low maintenance level, the Educator 25" laminator from Ledco offers media shops, print and sign shops, and school with an exceptional laminator. The Ledco Educator 25" school laminator uses preset lamination pressure and speed, forced air cooling, a reverse switch, adjustable heat control, and more to make sure your lamination jobs are easy, quick, and reliably perfect. Check out the extra features below and shop with MyBinding.com and save today. This Unit is also available in 220V, Part number 9025100D. Please contact our customer service department for more details.

Product Details

  • Preset lamination pressure and speed makes the machine easier to use.
  • Reverse switch to avoid problems or clear misfed materials.
  • Adjustable-heat control allows you to use films up to 5 mils thick.
  • Supply roll tension knobs provide the control you need for wrinkle-free results without complicating your work.
  • Automatic forced air cooling for laminating 3 and 5 mil films, as well as 1.5 mil film.
  • Attached safety shield made of clear polycarbonate so users can see their work with the shield in place.
  • Many extra options available including a slitter assembly, film counter, roll-feed kit, and dust cover.


  • Max Film Gauge: 5 mil
  • Max Laminating Thickness: 1/8"
  • Speed: 5 ft/min
  • Laminating Width: Up to 25"
  • Max film roll diameter: 6"
  • Lamination Roll Diameter: 1-1/4"
  • Film Core Size: 1"
  • Dimensions: 32" x 11" x 16" (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 84 lbs.
  • Warranty: 2 Year Manufacturer
  • Voltage: 110v, 15 amps
  • Part Number: 9025100D


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Ledco Educator 25" School Laminator Review

Every school needs a laminator. These machines make it easy to protect student work, produce visual aids for classroom use, and so much more. There are a lot of school laminators available and Ledco makes one of the best: the Educator. Take a look at its strengths and weaknesses to determine if it's right for you:


  • The Educator can laminate materials that are up to 25" wide. It's a great machine to use when you need to laminate class materials such as maps and posters, as well as student artwork, and so on.
  • This machine can laminate up to 5 feet of material per minute. This doesn't make it the fastest laminator on the market but it should be speedy enough for you to complete your work in a reasonable amount of time.
  • The Educator is compatible with laminating film that's 1.5, 3, and 5 mil thick. The rolls of film you use should have 1-inch cores and be up to 6" in diameter. The good news about this type of film is that it's easy to find and usually not very expensive so you'll be able to save some money on supplies.
  • This laminator is equipped with a reverse mode so you'll be able to take care of any problems quickly and easily. Also, selecting the right settings is super easy with this machine because it's equipped with preset pressure and speed settings. (The heat settings are adjustable.) Also, you'll be able to enjoy safe laminating thanks to this device's transparent safety shield.
  • Although roll laminators tend to be pretty large, that's not the case with the Educator. It only measures 32" (width) x 11" (height) x 16" (depth) so it can easily fit on a table or countertop. The machine weighs 84 pounds so you should be careful when moving it around.
  • Finally, the Educator is backed by a 2-year warranty.


  • This machine doesn't work with 7 or 10 mil laminating film. While this may be problematic if your materials require a lot of protection, it's pretty common for school laminators to only work with thinner films. If you really need a machine that can work with thicker film, there are other roll laminators that can do so.
  • There are a number of accessories that are available for the Educator including a stand, slitter assembly, and dust cover. Unfortunately, all of these things are sold separately.

While the Ledco Educator does have a couple of weaknesses, it nonetheless is a fantastic school laminator. It's large enough to accommodate bigger materials but not so large that it will be impossible to find a spot for it. It can work with laminating film of three different thicknesses, it's easy to operate, and it has a safety shield so you can avoid getting burned. As mentioned above, this machine can laminate up to 5 feet of material per minute so you can get things done pretty quickly. And don't forget that the Educator comes with a 2-year warranty. If you need a school laminator, be sure to consider the Educator. You'll be glad you did.

Questions & Answers
If I am using 5 mil film, what temperature would I run the machine at?
Asked by Jorge 1 months ago
Thank you for your question. For school film, I would start @ 290 degrees and adjust from there.

Answered by MyBinding 1 months ago
Thank you for your question. For school film, I would start @ 290 degrees and adjust from there.

Answered by MyBinding 1 months ago
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