MBM FMM3 Three Spindle Floor Model Paper Drill
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MBM FMM3 Three Spindle Floor Model Paper Drill

Part #: 04DRILL4
Brand: MBM
  • Drilling Capacity: 2"
  • Max Throat Depth: 3 3/4"
  • Max Paper Length: 32"
  • Table Size: 32" x 15"
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Product Description

The FMM3 from MBM is a floor model 3 spindle drill with a 2" drill capacity and easy glide table. Equiped with easily adjustable head design, measuring scale on the table, a heavy-duty construction, this FMM3 3 Spindle drill is ideal for industrial and fabrication work. The FMM3 includes 3 1/4" bits and a bit sharpener with solid carbide head, while capable of drill bits from 1/8" to 1/2" in size. This three spindle floor model paper drill is controlled manually via a foot pedal mechanism. That means you will have ultimate control when drilling through different types of paper or different paper stocks. Consider adding an MBM FMM3 paper drill to your production facility today.

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MBM FMM3 Three Spindle Floor Model Paper Drill Review

When you need to punch holes in a lot of paper quickly, a paper drill is what you need. One that can help you out is the MBM FMM3. Let's take a look at its strengths and weaknesses so you can figure out if it's the best drill for you.


  • The FMM3 can drill holes in a 2-inch stack of paper. That's about 500 sheets which is equal to an entire ream. This is a typical drilling capacity for this type of device and it will help you get your paper processed in a lot less time than if you were using a regular hole punch.

  • This machine has three spindles so you can create the traditional three-hole pattern very quickly. Unlike a single spindle device, the FMM3 can punch all three holes at the same time which will help you be more productive.

  • You can use a number of different sizes of paper with this device. The largest sheets you drill can be up to 32 inches long. This device has a nice large table to accommodate bigger sheets of paper as well as give you plenty of room in which to work. The table even has measurements printed on it.

  • The FMM3 comes with three 1/4" drill bits and a bit sharpener so you can keep them in good condition. This device can handle bits ranging in size from 1/8" to 1/2".

  • This machine is operated by a foot pedal that's located near the bottom of the device. The foot pedal makes it easy to operate this machine while keeping your hands free. Ultimately, this will give you more control over the entire drilling process.

  • The FMM3 is well-constructed so it will be able to withstand frequent use. Also, it's backed by a one-year warranty.


  • This is an incredibly large device so it may not be suitable for some offices. It measures 15" (depth) x 32" (width) x 52" (height) and it's going to take up a lot of room even though it's a free-standing device. It weighs 292 pounds, so it's extremely heavy. Don't attempt to move the unit yourself. Be sure to get some help.

  • The FMM3 is a pale blue color which might not be the best hue for some work environments.

The MBM FMM3 is a great floor model paper drill that would be suitable for use in print shops, binderies, and industrial environments. This is a heavy-duty device that can process a lot of paper at once and it will punch the standard three-hole pattern. You can use both large and small sheets with this machine and you'll always be able to count on getting perfect-looking holes thanks to the 1/4" bit. (The bit sharpener is a welcome addition.) This is a really well-built device so you can count on it providing you with years of use. While it will take up a lot of room (and the blue is a bit of an eyesore), the FMM3 is a terrific paper drill you should check out.

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