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ProClick Binding

ProClick Binding
GBC's revolutionary ProClick binding style provides users a whole new option in book binding that allows easy editing of reports and presentations. The revolutionary new spines used with this system are designed to work with a 32 hole punch pattern (3:1 pitch) and simply snap close and zip open.
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ProClick Binding - A How To Guide
ProClick Binding

In 2004, General Binding Corporation (GBC for short) introduced a new binding style called Proclick. This revolutionary new type of binding was designed to allow easy editing of documents, presentations and proposals in the field by sales professionals. Proclick is designed for use along with a 3:1 pitch hole pattern making it compatible with many common twin loop wire binding machines. Or it can be used along with a special Proclick binding punch. This article is designed to provide a simple set of step-by-step instructions for binding documents using Proclick and a manual binding punch.

1. The first step for binding documents using Proclick is to assemble your document. After printing the pages for your document, you need to assemble the document along with the binding covers and any index tabs or inserts that you want to add to the document.

2. After you have assembled your document, you can choose the size of Proclick spine that is most appropriate for your document. Currently there are only three sizes of Proclick binding spines available: small (5/16”), medium (1/2”) and large (5/8”). Depending on the thickness of your document, you will need to round up to the size slightly larger than your document.

3. After you have selected the appropriate size of Proclick binding spine you will need to select the color for your spines. Currently there are four colors available for Proclick binding: black, navy blue, white and frost.

4. After preparing your document, and selecting the size and color of the Proclick spine, you can finally start the binding process. You are ready to punch the pages. Depending on the binding machine that you are using, punching your document will work differently. Most manual binding machines involve inserting small stacks of paper into the punching slot and pulling the handle to punch the holes. However, the Proclick P50 which is designed specifically for use with Proclick binding spines uses a punching mechanism that slides across the binding edge to punch the pages. Either way, you will need to punch your document in small sections until the whole document is punched and ready for the spine.

5. After your document is punched you will need to take the Proclick spine that you have chosen and prepare it for binding your document. In order to make the binding process go easier, you will want to crease your binding spine slightly so that it will close more easily. You will then want to take the spine and insert it through the holes of your document. The easiest way to do this tends to be to hold the document with one hand and use the other hand to string the Proclick spine through the holes.

6. Once the spine has been threaded through the holes of the document, you will need to snap the first few loops shut manually using your hand. After you have snapped the first few loops shut you can use the Proclick zipper tool (one is included in every box of Proclick strips) to zip the rest of the spine shut.

Using these simple instructions you can quickly and easily bind document manually with Proclick binding spines. If you are looking for a faster way to bind documents with Proclick spines, new automated Proclick Pronto binding systems are available. Either way, Proclick provides a professional look with easy editing capabilities.

ProClick Binding Overview
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