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What should I know about Proclick Binding?

Jeff McRitchie posted this on Jul 6, 2015

If you are looking for a new and innovative binding style that is simple to use and easily editable, you might want to consider GBC Proclick. Approximately three years ago, General Binding Corporation (GBC) introduced its new Proclick binding elements. These innovative elements easily snap closed and can be opened and closed in seconds using a small editing tool. The ability to easily edit documents bound with GBC Proclick and the fashionable design of the GBC Proclick binding spines make them a logical choice for many sales and marketing organizations. However, if you are considering using GBC Proclick here are some things you might like to know: GBC P75 ProClick Spine Closer and Finisher

  • GBC Proclick binding spines are currently available in four different colors and in three different sizes. Proclick spines are currently available in black, white, frost and navy blue. The three sizes currently available for GBC proclick are 5/16″, 1/2″ and 5/8″. These sizes and colors are designed to meet the needs of most organizations and users in the marketplace. However, if you need a color or a size that is not listed here you should probably consider a different binding style.
  • Proclick spines offer a 360 degree rotation allowing you to completely flip pages that are not needed to the back of the presentation. This feature is convenient for photo copying and easy reading. This also makes GBC ProClick a natural choice for user manuals and training manuals.
  • GBC Proclick binding spines are available in 25 packs, 100 packs and in special cassettes which are designed for use with the GBC Proclick Pronto binding machines. Most retailers do not have all three sizes of Proclick Spines in all Four colors available in 25 packs or 100 packs (this is especially true of Frost and Navy Blue Spines). However, you can find all three sizes, all four colors in 25 packs, 100 packs and cartridges at Mybinding.com.
  • GBC Proclick binding spines have 32 rings and are designed for binding 11″ long books. Some users have discovered that GBC Proclick spines can be cut using a pair of sharp scissors for use in binding smaller documents. Currently, Proclick binding spines are not available in lengths longer than 11″.
  • Although many individuals apply Proclick binding spines by hand, in 2006 GBC released the Proclick Pronto binding system which is designed to automatically insert and close Proclick spines onto the edge of your presentations. These systems are incredibly easy to use and utilize special cartridges of supplies that are easy to change.
  • The hole pattern used by GBC Proclick binding spines is a 3:1 pitch (3 holes per inch) and is the same hole pattern used with 3:1 pitch twin loop wire binding. In fact, Proclick spines are designed for use with twin loop wire binding machines. However, the Proclick Pronto uses a special oversized 3:1 pitch oversize hole pattern that makes inserting the Proclick spines easier. If you are looking for a Proclick binding machine, GBC currently makes two desktop punches and two versions of the ProClick pronto. However, there are also plenty of wire binding machines available on the market that can also be used with Proclick.
  • Documents that are bound with Proclick are incredibly easy to edit. A small zipper tool that costs less than a dollar can be used to open the binding spine in less than a second. Using the Proclick P50 binding punch which costs about $60 additional pages can be quickly punched in the field and added to a presentation. This solution is perfect for individuals in sales who need to make quick changes to reports or proposals. The report can then be zipped back up and is ready to present.