GBC ProClick DIY Presentation Kits

Make your binding experience easier with GBC's Do-It-Yourself Presentation Kit! This kit is an all-in-one do-it-yourself style kit that comes complete with 50 pages of 8.5" x 11" ProClick pre-punched paper, 2 Black 5/16" ProClick binding spines, 2 Black binding back covers, and 2 Clear View front binding covers. All you need to do is simply print your document on the pre-punched pages, and bind it yourself with this do-it-yourself kit-perfect for the home, office, school, or anywhere else! And the best part of ProClick binding is that you can easily edit your work-all you need to do is zip the spine open, edit, and snap it shut! Now your hard work will be kept secure and sleek with GBC ProClick binding.

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  1. GBC White 1/2" Proclick Spines (10 Pack) & ProClick Tool Kit

    • Zip Bind Edit Tool
    • 10 1/2" White ProClick Spines
    • Can be used with your existing 3:1 wire system or with a ProClick punch
    • Product Number: 25157253
    Part #: 25157270XKIT


  2. GBC Photo Flip Book

    • 10 glossy pre-punched photo papers, clear front, and black back cover
    • Editable spine
    • Available in letter, 5"x7" pr 4"x6"
    • Sold 1 each

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    GBC 4" x 6" Photo Flip Book - 2587925879
    GBC 5" x 7" Photo Flip Book - 2587825878

2 Items

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