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VeloBind Binding

Velobind Binding
With the VeloBind Binding Style you have two choices, Hot Knife and 4 Pin. Hot Knife is when the pins are heated and removed for a more permanent bind, with 4 pin the pins are bent and helped into place for an easily editable presentation.
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Velobind Binding - A How To Guide
Velobind Binding

If you are looking for a new binding style for your office, you may want to consider GBC Velobind. This form of binding provides a highly professional look and feel to your presentations and proposals while minimizing the number of supplies that you need to keep on hand. Velobind uses a thin strip along the bound edge of the document that is either riveted or snapped in place. The Velobind binding strip includes a “comb” that has a number of prongs and a receiving strip for the back of the document. If you are considering choosing Velobind for your documents, here are a few things you might like to know:

1. There are actually several different types of Velobind binding systems. The two most common types are Velobind hot knife systems and four pin recloseable Velobind systems. Hot knife Velobind systems use heat to permanently rivet the binding spine in place while the four pin recloseable system simply has pins that snap into the receiving strip. Although six pin Velobind and Velobind One Eleven strips are still available, the binding equipment for these systems is no longer available.

2. Depending on the type of Velobind system that you have the number of pins on the “comb” will vary. GBC hot knife Velobind binding systems use 11-pin strips with smooth pins. The Velobind V50 and V110e use four pin strips. The Velobind One Eleven binding machine (now discontinued) uses eleven pin strips with serrated pins and the personal Velobind System (now discontinued) uses six pin binding strips.

3. One of the greatest advantages of the Velobind binding system is that the number of supplies that you need to stock is smaller than with almost any other binding system. Binding systems for comb binding, coil binding and wire binding require different sized supplies for different thicknesses in books. With Velobind you can buy one size binding strip and you can bind any document up to that thickness. Using the Velobind System Three, you can use a 3” binding strip to bind any document from 2 pages up to 3”. This greatly cuts down on the space required to store your binding supplies.

4. Velobind is one of the only binding styles that offers the availability to bind documents that are larger than two inches. Plastic comb binding, spiral coil binding and thermal binding all offer the ability to bind documents up to 2” thick. However, with the Velobind System Three you can bind documents as thick as three inches. This added capacity is perfect for law offices, accountants and government agencies with extra large reports that need to be bound.

5. Depending on the Velobind System that you select Velobind offers either the security of a permanent bind or the convenience of easy editing. Velobind hot knife systems permanently rivet the binding strips into place providing a secure tamper proof bind to your documents and proposals. Or, if you are looking for a binding style that allows for easy editing of documents on the fly, Velobind Four Pin allows for easy addition and removal of pages. The best thing is, if you have a Velobind hot knife system, the 11 hole pattern will work for use with four pin recloseable strips so you don’t need two different machines.

Although there are lots of other great things about Velobind binding, hopefully this list of five things you might want to know about Velobind binding systems will help you in your quest to choose the right binding style for your office. Just remember, if you have a question about Velobind or any of the other binding styles on the market, it never hurts to ask us.

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