Velobind Debinder Tools
What is bound must sometimes be unbound. Whether new revisions come in, or you forgot to add a spec sheet, the debinding tool always you to remove the a velobind strip. This will destroy the permanent binding, but save you the cost and time of creating an entirely new project.
Disengageable Dies  
Manual or Electric Punch  

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  1. Velobind 4-Pin Debinder Tool (9777078)

    • Designed for 4-pin and 6-pin VeloBind spines
    • Can be used to knock down pins or unsnap them
    • Made for on-the-go binding and editing
    • Can be stored easily in desk or bag
    Part #: 9777078


  2. GBC VeloBind Debinder Tool - 7705047

    • Ideal for on-the-go editing
    • Manual method gets results right away
    • Works with both VeloBind and SureBind
    • Safe method to edit heat-sealed VeloBind documents
    Part #: 7705047


2 Items

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