Keencut Multi Angle Cutting Gauge - UGMAG
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Keencut Multi Angle Cutting Gauge - UGMAG

Part #: 61220
Brand: Keencut
  • Work with Flexo Futura, Ultimat Futura and Gold Mat Cutters
  • Cut is Straigth
  • 1 Set / Box
  • 5 Year Warranty
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Product Description

The three piece Keencut Multi Angle Cutting Gauge is used for creative mat cutting in many styles and shapes, including, hexagons, octagons, chamfered corner mats, and more. The three gauges enable the mat to be accurately positioned, marked, and cut at angles of 30°, 37.5°, 45°, 52.5° and 60°. The three angle gauges come with a length of silicon rubber cord, this is fitted into the Mat Guide and holds the gauges in their set position. They can be paired with the UltiMat Gold Mat Board Cutters.

To fit your cutter, use a smooth but firm object to push the silicone cord into its recess, & then trim the ends. Insert the long edge of the gauge into the recess at an angle of about 45°, then hinge it down. Having decided upon your design, use the Multi-angle gauge and MatGuide to position the mat for marking out. When using the 30° and 37.5° gauges the mat board can be positioned in one of the two positions.

Cutting Steps:

  • Set the Start of Cut (green) Limit Stop to zero.
  • Place the mat board under the cutter bar, again using the Multi-angle gauge or Matguide to align it ready for cutting.
  • Depress the Start of Cut Finger and move the Cutter Head until the tip of the finger reaches the line at the beginning of the marked aperture.
  • Insert the blade fully, release the Start of Cut Finger, cut until the Finger reaches the marked line at the end of the aperture.
  • NOTE: When using this method to judge the start and end of cut a small allowance needs to be made in corners that are not at 90° to each other. This should not cause problems after a small amount of practice.

Product Details

  • Work with: Flexo Futura, Ultimat Futura and Gold Mat Cutters
  • Cut: Straight
  • Quantity: 1 Set / Box
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Old Part Number: 61220
  • New Part Number: UGMAG

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