Keencut Tech D .012 Blades (100pk) - CA50-017
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Keencut Tech D .012 Blades (100pk) - CA50-017

Part #: 69136
Brand: Keencut
  • Works With: Ultimat Futura, Ultimat Gold, Artist Plus and Evolution3 Rocker Head
  • Creates double-ground chisel-edge cut .012" thick
  • Comes in 100 Per Pack
  • Old Part Number: 69136
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Product Description

A pack of 100, double ground, 0.3mm (0.012”) thick blades, made from surgical steel in Sheffield, England. This is a higher-grade steel than most comparable blades on the market, giving increased durability and reduced blade tip wear/breakage. Blades are also oil free to ensure non-marking of material. This blade is used for bevel and vertical cutting in the Ultimat Futura, Flexo Plate Cutter. It can also be used with the Evolution3 Rocker head for the occasional cutting of aluminum composite panel, such as Dibond and Alupanel. The Rocker head is not a one-pass finished ACP cut like the SteelTrak, but by using a Tech-D.012 blade with a few careful strokes you can achieve a clean cut. We advise that you watch our video guide to perfect your cutting action.

Product Details

  • Work with: Ultimat Futura, Ultimat Gold, Artist Plus and Evolution3 Rocker Head
  • Blade Thickness: .012"
  • Quantity: 100 Per Pack
  • Old Part Number: 69136
  • New Part Number: CA50-017

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Quick Reference Blade Guide

* NOTE: ALL CUTTERS IN RED ARE DISCONTINUED, but blades are still available for purchase.

Evolution* Evolution
5000 &
Series 2
MEDIUM DUTY - CA50/019 This blade is used for cutting standard material up to 3/8” (0.375) thick. 100 CA50-019
SUPERIOR QUALITY - CA50/010 Made out of surgical grade steel, this blade has a superior edge for performance cutting. (0.375) thick. 100 CA50-010
GRAPHIK D.017 - CA50/032 Designed to cut a variety of boards up to 1/2" thick, the reversible blades make it ideal for left-handed and right-handed operators. 100 CA50-032
ACRYLIC SCORING KX33 The scoring blade is designed to score acrylics and Plexiglas; then snap along the scoring line. 5 SCO
TECH D .012 This blade creates a double-ground knife-edge cut 0.012” thick. 100 CA50-017
TECH D .015 This blade creates a double-ground knife-edge cut 0.015" thick. 100 CA50-020
TECH S .012 This blade creates a single-ground chisel edge cut 0.012” thick. 100 CA50-021
TECH S .015 This blade creates a single-ground chisel-edge cut 0.015” thick. 100 CA50-030
28MM TEXTILE WHEELS The 28mm circular blade is used for cutting textiles, thin paper, fabric and other flimsy materials. 10 TEXB
45MM TEXTILE WHEELS The 45mm OLFA circular blade is used for cutting textiles, thin paper, fabric and other flimsy materials. 10 CIR45

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