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Comparing the Two Dahle Novus Long-Arm Staplers
Jeff McRitchie Apr 26, 2016

If you’ve ever tried to put a booklet together with a standard stapler, you know that it’s virtually impossible. The throats of these devices simply aren’t large enough to staple far away from the ...(Read More)

What do I look for when choosing a desk stapler?
Jeff McRitchie May 30, 2016

It may seem that choosing a desktop stapler would be easy. After all, a stapler is a stapler, right? Well, yes, but if you want to save money and get a device that you can use for a long time, yo...(Read More)

How do I choose the right stapler?
Jeff McRitchie Jul 7, 2015

Dahle is a name that’s synonymous with some of the best office products available, from rotary trimmers to paper shredders. Now the company has turned its eye to document-fastening and introd...(Read More)

What should I know about an electric stapler?
Jeff McRitchie Jul 7, 2015

In this age of technology, the stapler has gone electric and is now just as popular – if not more so – than manual document fasteners. But you may be wondering why you should invest in ...(Read More)

4 Item(s)