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Proclick Binding Articles

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What are the Advantages of Using GBC Proclick Spines?
Jeff McRitchie May 24, 2016

GBC is one of the most respected names in the document finishing industry and the company is known for making high-quality binding equipment and supplies. Their ProClick spines are really popular and there are a number of advantages to using them. Here are three: They enhance readability....

Why Should I Choose GBC Proclick Binding?
Jeff McRitchie May 24, 2016

GBC is an innovator when it comes to document finishing and one of their greatest inventions is ProClick binding. This method involves using special plastic ProClick spines which are incredibly easy to use either by hand or with a special tool that can open up the spines even after your book ha...

What types of Proclick binding supplies are available?
Jeff McRitchie May 24, 2016

GBC ProClick binding has become a very popular document finishing method and it’s easy to see why. This is a method that’s easy, consistently produces great results, and can be done either by hand or with a machine. There are a number of ProClick supplies that you’ll want...

Is Proclick binding Right for Me?
Jeff McRitchie May 30, 2016

GBC’s new Proclick binding style is really cool. You can use a little tool to open and close the binding spines allowing you to add and remove pages from your document. Plus, the spines look awesome and offer 360 degree rotation. It is a really neat new binding system. However, if you are...

Can I edit my presentations in the field with Zipbind or Proclick?
Jeff McRitchie Jan 27, 2016

In the past, if you wanted to bind or edit a bound document, you needed a desktop binding machine. However, recognizing that it is sometimes essential for sales people to bind or edit documents in the field, GBC developed two new binding styles called ProClick and ZipBind. The...

What should I know about Proclick Binding?
Jeff McRitchie Jul 6, 2015

If you are looking for a new and innovative binding style that is simple to use and easily editable, you might want to consider GBC Proclick. Approximately three years ago, General Binding Corporation (GBC) introduced its new Proclick binding elements. These innovative elements easily snap c...

How do I bind a document using ProClick Binding?
Jeff McRitchie Jul 6, 2015

If you use GBC ProClick binding spines, you know that they’re easy to use and can help you quickly produce high-quality work. But if you want to make the process easier, use the following five tips:  Although the zipper tool looks easy to use, you might have some trouble with i...

How do I choose the right ProClick Binding Machine?
Jeff McRitchie Jul 15, 2015

ProClick binding from GBC is one of the most innovative and popular document finishing methods available today. These incredible supplies allow you to edit your work even after your booklets have been bound. They even let your pages rotate a full 360 degrees, making your documents easy and enjoya...

Can I use Coil with my ProClick Machine?
Jeff McRitchie Jul 15, 2015

Enthralled by the ability to easily edit documents and the low cost of the Proclick book binding machines many users have jumped at the new GBC book binding style. However, these same users often discover that the convenience of the Proclick book binding system also comes with a price. Unfortuna...

How do I choose the right ProClick Spines?
Jeff McRitchie Jul 24, 2015

GBC has become one of the most popular manufacturers of binding machines thanks to great products such as their ProClick spines. These items are some of the best binding supplies available because they can be re-opened later in case you need to edit your document. They also allow the pages of you...

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