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Roll Lamination Articles

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    How to Load Laminating Film on Your Laminator Without A Threading Card?
    Jeff McRitchie Feb 3, 2016

    If you are looking to load new laminating film onto your laminator and still have a little bit of film left, there is a way to use the remaining film to help you load new lamina...(Read More)

    How to Do One Sided Lamination
    Josh Coleman Mar 16, 2016

    There are two main ways to do one sided lamination. Both have different benefits that I will explain as we go through the process. The first way to laminate only one side of your project is to rep...(Read More)

    How To Use a Roll Laminator?
    Jeff McRitchie Mar 21, 2016

    If you laminate quite a bit of larger documents, such as posters and banners, chances are you need a roll laminator. Roll laminators are excellent for the rapid lamination of materials and range in...(Read More)

    Do I Need a Heat Assist Laminator?
    Jeff McRitchie Apr 27, 2016

    If you have been shopping for a wide format or commercial laminator you will find machines that are labeled hot roller, cold, and heat assist.  Each type of machine has its own place in the market....(Read More)

    What is the difference between different laminate thicknesses?
    Jeff McRitchie May 24, 2016

    Choosing laminating film for your laminator can be pretty easy. After all, if you have a roll laminator you just need rolls whereas a pouch device just needs pouches, right? Well, yes, but there&...(Read More)

    How do I maintain my roll laminator?
    Jeff McRitchie May 24, 2016

    Roll laminators are some of the most popular document finishing machines and with good reason. These devices make it possible for you to laminate a lot of different items from photographs to bann...(Read More)

    Can I do one sided lamination with my roll laminator?
    Jeff McRitchie May 25, 2016

    Once or twice a month, I have a photographer or someone in the print trades call me to ask about doing one-sided laminating on a two sided roll laminator. My first response (and the correct ...(Read More)

    How to clean my roll laminator?
    Jeff McRitchie Jun 30, 2015

    If your school or business has a roll laminator, chances are it’s used quite a bit and could use some routine maintenance. Caring for your laminator is pretty simple, but it’s important...(Read More)

    How can I change the film on my roll laminator?
    Jeff McRitchie Jun 30, 2015

    Most roll laminators are very easy to use, and require little maintenance. One part of owning and operating roll laminator that can sometimes entail a little bit of a learning curve is when it come...(Read More)

    How do I laminate something with a Roll Laminator?
    Jeff McRitchie Jun 30, 2015

    Roll laminators are very popular machines that can be found in offices and schools. They offer the user the ability to protect important materials such as brochures, posters, signs, photographs, an...(Read More)

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