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Coil Binding Articles

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    How do I use the GBC CC2700 Spiral Coil Inserter?
    Jeff McRitchie Jan 27, 2016

    The GBC CC2700 plastic spiral coil inserter (formerly the Ibico 240CB Coil Inserter) is an innovative solution for coil binding, and offers many features that will enable you to easily and eff...(Read More)

    Frequently Asked Questions About Spiral Coil Binding
    Jeff McRitchie Feb 3, 2016

    Coil binding – also known as spiral coil binding and color coil binding – is a very popular method of binding, but it can be difficult to understand how it’s done. Here’s an...(Read More)

    How To Spiral Bind Papers?
    Jeff McRitchie Mar 3, 2016

    This video answers the question of "How to Spiral Bind Papers".  The process really isn't very hard and the video will show you how to do it in just a few simple steps.  Watch and see how...(Read More)

    How To Spiral Bind A Book?
    Jeff McRitchie Mar 3, 2016

    This video is designed to give you a quick introduction to spiral binding and to help you understand "How to Spiral Bind a Book".  Watch the video and you will see the entire spiral binding pr...(Read More)

    How to Use a Coil Binding Machine
    Josh Coleman Mar 18, 2016

    Not every coil binding machine is the same, but this should help you with the basic steps and go over some common features found in coil binding machines. You can purchase machines with and without...(Read More)

    What is the Difference Between the Akiles Coilmac Plus Machines and the Non Plus Versions?
    Jeff McRitchie Mar 21, 2016

    Akiles Coilmac spiral binding machines are some of the highest quality pieces of coil binding equipment on the market today.  However, one of the primary questions that we get here at MyBindin...(Read More)

    How To Ring Bind A Book?
    Jeff McRitchie Mar 21, 2016

    Ever wanted to bind your own scrapbook?  The latest demo video from MyBinding offers an answer to the question “How to Ring Bind a Book.” Watch to see the entire binding process fr...(Read More)

    How Do I Bind Non-Standard Oversized Pages?
    Josh Coleman Jan 21, 2016

        First, I will clarify what I mean by “non-standard oversized pages.” Many binding machines are made for standard 8.5” x 11” paper, or A4 paper. If you want...(Read More)

    How do I bind a document using spiral coil binding?
    Jeff McRitchie Jul 2, 2015

    Spiral coil binding (also known as Color coil or plastic coil binding) is one of the most popular and fastest growing of all coil binding styles. Documents bound with spiral coils lay flat and...(Read More)

    Do you have a glossary of coil binding terms?
    Jeff McRitchie Jul 2, 2015

    Coil binding is a popular document finishing method that can be used for reports, proposals, anthologies, and more. In order to bind with coils, it’s usually necessary to use a coil binding m...(Read More)

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