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What should I know about Antimicrobial Sheet Protectors?

posted this on Jul 8, 2015

Never before have consumers been so aware of the germs that are all around us.  With cold and flu season in full swing, people are looking for new ways to protect themselves and their families.  New lines of antimicrobial products have been popping up in the last few years.  We’ve seen copy paper, three ring binders, staplers, folders, and more treated with antimicrobial additives.  Another recent item to contain antimicrobials is sheet protectors.  C-Line Sheet Protectors with Antimicrobial Protection are treated to repel bacterial growth.  Here is a look at these products.

  • C-Line is a leading producer of office supplies with over 60 years experience.  They specialize in storage, identification, and organization solutions.  Several of their items contain C-Line Letter Size Antimicrobial Poly Sheet Protectorantimicrobial protection.  With a reputation for quality products and excellent customer service, you can be sure their sheet protectors will be long lasting and durable.
  • C-Line’s Antimicrobial Protected Sheet Protectors are constructed with a heavyweight polypropylene material and feature a top loading design.  Pages easily slide into them and are given durable protection.  No acid is used in the design process and the protectors are rated at archival quality.  These two factors result in a durable product that won’t turn your pages yellow with age.  And the clear finish lets you plainly view the pages at all times.
  • The three hole punched side allows your documents to stay in their original condition.  Whereas many sheet protectors require the actual page to be punched, C-Line page protectors don’t require any alteration to your document for them to work.  A reinforced binding edge prevents the item from tearing out of your three ring binder.
  • Each of these sheet protectors are treated with Microban, which contains the antibacterial agent Triclosan.  Triclosan acts mainly as an antibacterial but still retains some antifungal and antiviral properties.  This substance is added to the polypropylene during the construction process, not after, so it is intrinsic in the plastic material; it will never rub off or expire.  Microban prevents the growth of bacteria, fungi, yeast, molds, and mildew.  As a result, these sheet protectors are also safeguarded against stains, odor, and deterioration.
  • Microban acts at the cell level.  You won’t see it working, but  every bacterium that comes into contact with the sheet protector will be attacked.  As a microbe sits on the surface, the Microban molecules enter the cell and inhibit vital functions, such as metabolism and reproduction, so the cell cannot function, grow, or replicate.  As a result, the microbe eventually dies without leaving any offspring, instead of forming a colony as is normal behavior.
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