Top 3 Spiral Coil Binding Machines on the Market in 2023

What is the Best Spiral Coil Binding Machine?

If you’ve ever pulled the handle of a spiral coil binding machine, then you know just how important it is that the motion be smooth and easy. After all, you’ll be pulling that handle down over and over again —potentially tens or hundreds of times in a row— so a great piece of equipment is a must. Not just for your arms and wrist, but for your sanity. Small features like this can make or break a machine’s reputation.

In this blog, we will discuss our top 3 picks for the best spiral binding machines on the market this year, considering these more nuanced features and how they affect your day-to-day. Trust us; having one of these coil binding systems within reach will provide the relief your shoulder is desperately aching for. 


1. Akiles CoilMac-EX Pro

Ideal for the professional-level users, the CoilMac-EX Pro from Akiles is a premium spiral binding machine that pulls together all of the key features of larger industrial machines into a more affordable tabletop system. This powerful machine feels incredibly sturdy when you first use it as it is made primarily of metal parts that scream “I am durable!” 

Electrically powered, the CoilMac-EX Pro is controlled by a convenient food pedal. This is an essential attribute for anyone that needs to do more than a few thin books at a time. Why? Because it leaves both of your hands free to handle the documents. I am speaking again to those who have used coil bind machines before, because you will understand just how invaluable that function is. Jogging your pages and sliding them into the feed with both hands, then taking a hand away to press a button can allow the possibility of paper shift and slows down the workflow; not to mention that it’s one more tedious step that this spiral binding machine eliminates.

A simple flip of a switch activates the incorporated electric coil inserter. Unique to the CoilMac-EX Pro, this inserter has one adjustable roller and one stationary roller. The moveable roller can be set to different distances from the stationary one, which lets you fine tune the placement for your coil diameters. When it comes to binding thicker books, this makes the insertion process so much easier. As with all machines, you will still need to insert the coil by hand through the first few holes to get it started; but after that, let er rip on the inserting rollers and you’ll be done in seconds. 

Also attributing to the ease of coil inserting for all document thicknesses are the oval holes. Most standard coil binding machines have round holes, but the slightly oval shape (we’re talking a 1mm difference one direction) makes a drastic difference when inserting coils into thicker books. 

This is an all-in-one spiral binder that offers yet another awesome feature with the attached electric crimper. Controlled by the foot pedal with the flip of a switch, this little device will cut the excess off the ends of your coil and crimp them in. One at a time, just place the coil edges into the crimper and hit that foot pedal to finish your book. No more massaging your cramping hands using manual crimping pliers, or fussing with ends that just aren’t crimped enough to make your document last.

Making extra long books? Even though the punch is only 13.5 inches wide (wide enough for most standard documents) you can actually double that by simply flipping your pages and punching a second time. Binding non-standard oversize pages is easy with the little alignment peg on the right side of the throat that allows you to place a punched hole down and perfectly align the rest of your large coil document for punching. 

One other feature to brag about is the completely disengageable punching pins. Each of these little pins on the front of the machine corresponds to one hole punched. The ability to stop individual holes from being punched is invaluable for anyone looking to bind documents other than standard letter size as it prevents the half or partial-holes on the edge of your sheets. Not to mention that the pins are heat-treated to be impressively durable and accurate.

That’s a lot of good stuff! It’s no wonder why the CoilMac-EX Pro is one of the best coil binding machines on the market today. 

The ideal user: anyone who needs to bind tens to a couple hundred books per day, in the full range of sizes, with versatile configurations.


2. Rhin-O-Tuff 3000

Another one of our picks for the best spiral binding machine of the year is the System 3000 from Rhin-O-Tuff. Designed and manufactured in the USA, this machine is a serious time saver as it is another all-in-one solution that punches, inserts, and crimps electrically.

One of the key differences is that the model 3000 coil binder can be controlled by push buttons all around, so you have the option to use or not use the foot pedal. Using the foot pedal is a matter of preference. As mentioned above, a foot pedal has the benefit of both hands free, which can speed up the process when doing a lot of books at a time. The push-button, however, is more streamlined and doesn’t have loose cables to fiddle with. 

The Rhin-O-Tuff 3000 coil binding machine features a vertical punching feed which is very unique in the industry. While most machines have you slide your pages into a horizontal punch, this one has you drop your pages into a vertical opening. The major benefit? Your pages won’t ever be misaligned as they have gravity to assist in making the book block square. 

“We have had this machine for a while and have put together book maps. It is extremely easy to set up and use.” – Charles

It also has slightly oval holes to allow for surprisingly easy inserting of coils of all sizes, even up to 50mm. No matter if you’re binding a small sales sheet or hundreds of pages in a user manual, this spiral machine will help make the process easier and more efficient. 

Each individual pin is also disengageable, so you can punch smaller pages without ending up with partially punched holes on the edges. It also has an open-ended punching feed, so you can double your binding length possibilities for up to 23-2/5". 

The coil inserter has one adjustable roller, so you can set the distance between rollers for each coil project. Making a thick 50mm proposal? Separate the rollers to the maximum setting. Binding a small presentation for a sales meeting? Set them closer together. Just rotate the knob until the guide displays the size you are working with or you found the “sweet spot” for your coil and angle. 

This impressive machine also features an electric crimper on the front so you can cut and crimp-in each edge of your spiral bound booklet.

The ideal user: anyone who needs to bind tens to hundreds of books per day with a streamlined, made-in-the-USA quality.


3. Akiles RubiCoil

The Rubicoil coil binding machine is in a whole other class than the two machines discussed previously. This is a compact, low-volume unit that is completely manual. So why is it on the top 3 best spiral binding machines list? This little machine has proven itself as the perfect pair for teachers, home businesses, and small offices who only occasionally need to make spiral bound books.

The biggest selling point of this machine is the price. There are no other quality coil binding machines on the marketing for this price, making it the best value buy. Though limited in features, the Rubicoil has some key benefits that pushed it onto our list. 

For one, it is made of metal and features hardened steel punching pins. Unlike other small volume coil binding machines on the market, these features ensure durability and longevity of your machine. The pins remain sharp for longer than other models and punch cleanly for paper, covers, and even more delicate materials like laminate.

“I love this product! I am able to use it to bind books and activities for my classroom. The bindings hold up to my preschooler's little hands. - Christopher”

Even though the punching is manually controlled by pulling down the handle, it is surprisingly smooth. There is no tension and you don’t need much leverage. As long as you keep your sheet count within the recommended quantity, the ease of manually punching coil paper is noteworthy.

This small coil binding machine also has a u-shaped divot on the base. This helps you form the spine shape of your book and gives you a place to hold your book while you manually roll the coil through the holes. 

It also comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty which is kind of unheard of for small machines like this. Comparable models are typically only backed by 30 or 60 day warranties; proof that Akiles really does stand behind their brand quality standards.

The ideal user: teachers, individuals, small offices, and casual users who only need to bind thinner books on occasion and need a binding machine that won’t break the bank.


Additional Facts

Want to learn more about coil binding? Check out these common FAQs from customers:

What type of documents is spiral coil binding best for?

  • This binding method is great for documents that need to lay flat when opened, such as cookbooks, instruction manuals, reports, presentations, or notebooks.

What sizes are available for spiral coil binding? 

Spiral coil binding can accommodate a wide range of document thicknesses. Coils typically range in size from 6mm (1/4") up to 50mm (2"), which can hold up to approximately 440 sheets of basic copy paper.

Can I add or remove pages from a spiral coil bound document? 

Yes, it's possible to add or remove pages, but it can be tricky and requires a certain level of familiarity with the process. It involves cutting and removing the existing coil, adding or removing the pages, and then reinserting a new coil.

Can spiral coil bindings be printed on? 

No, the coils themselves cannot be printed on. However, the document's cover and pages can be printed as needed before the binding process. If you need a binding spine that can be printed on, consider plastic comb instead.


Choosing the Best Spiral Binding Machine for You

As with most things in life, each spiral coil binding machine will be suited for a different kind of user. That said, there are stand-out features that make the machines discussed in this article a step above the rest.

If none of these sound like the ideal choice for your unique needs, give us a call at 1-800-944-4573; for one-on-one help finding the best coil binding machine for you.


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