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MyBinding carries a large selection of plastic combs, including 15 different colors and 16 different sizes.

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MyBinding carries plastic combs from four great brands, GBC, KomTrak, Fellowes and MyBinding.

No presentation is quite complete without a pair of report covers. These front and back covers are available in a large selection of options, including the popular clear front covers and vinyl backings. Linen, poly, and much more are also available, and we can make custom printed report covers with your company information upon request.

Browse our large collection of index tab dividers to help you stay organized in a practical and professional way. We have dozens of tab styles so you can find the perfect fit for your unique needs. If our blank tabs or printed tabs are not what you’re looking for, consider custom printed tabs made in the USA

A display of five assorted index tab dividers such as printable copier tabs, custom index tabs, preprinted index dividers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bind documents longer than 11 inches with Comb Binding?
You can bind documents longer than 11” with our Custom Length Combs.
Can I use wire with my comb binding machine?
There is a specialty pitched wire called Spiral-O that fits with the plastic comb punching pattern. Standard 3:1 and 2:1 pitch wires will not work.
What features should I look for in a comb binding machine?
It is going to depend on your needs. Some of our favorite features include a higher punching capacity, electric punching, if it has disengageable punch pins, and if it has an open punch end.
How do I bind a document using plastic comb binding?
First, punch your covers and pages. How many you can do at a time depends on the capacity of your machine. Arrange them in order. Place the comb on the comb spreader and pull the handle to open. Thread your pages onto the comb, then release the handle to close it around your book. For more help, check out our Binding Help Center
What colors of plastic combs are available?
We offer 15 different colors, from Navy Blue, Maroon, Hunter, and more.
What supplies do I need to bind my documents with comb bindings?
You will need a comb binding machine (with punch and comb opener), and your printed sheets. Optionally, you can also use covers. For more binding supplies, shop our products today.
What are some tips for using my comb binding machine?
When using your comb opener, be sure to just gently pull the comb open to avoid the comb falling off.
What can I create using Comb Binding?
You can create booklets such as a cookbook, a crafting book, an album, etc.
What should I know about Comb Binding?
Comb binding is one of the most affordable ways to bind documents. It also binds large books up to 2” thick. Plus, the combs themselves can be custom printed on.
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Plastic Binding Combs - Everything There is to Know

Plastic Binding Combs - Everything There is to Know
Transcript: Welcome to MyBinding video. There are many different ways to misuse plastic binding combs and we know that they go great with other things in your book, but that’s not what they’re for. This is everything you need to know about plastic binding combs. There’s a large variety of sizes, ranging from 3/16 of an inch to 2 inches, which means you can bind a book from 1 page to 425 pages. They won’t scratch, chip, peel or discolor. Standard sizes have a 19-hole punch pattern, but there are options for custom links. Pages flip easy and lay flat, which makes reading a breeze and allows for gett...