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What are my options for Pre-Punched Paper?

Jeff McRitchie posted this on Jul 7, 2015

Have you ever seen that commercial where a group of employees is sitting around a table and the boss announces that he needs copies of their presentation printed and bound by 8:00am. One employee responds “I guess it will be an all nighter” and begins gulping down coffee? Have you ever felt that way? Velobind 11 Hole Prepunched Binding Paper

If you have ever had to use a desktop manual binding machine to bind 100 or 1000 documents I am sure you have. Now there is a better solution. With prepunched binding paper you can eliminate the need to punch all those pages. Simply print directly onto the punched paper and your documents will be ready to bind. Plus you can buy prepunched binding covers to go along with your prepunched paper further simplifying the process.

MyBinding offers prepunched paper with eight different hole patterns to match all of the major binding styles used in the marketplace. In fact, our punching patterns that we use should be identical to your punch in your office making it possible for you to add pages or punch your own custom covers. Currently we offer: