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How To Bind Your Own Book?

Jeff McRitchie posted this on Mar 3, 2016

Are you interested in binding your own book.  This video is designed to help you answer the question "How to Bind Your Own Book".  Watch this video and you should get an overview of the process and options for binding your own books.  Watch the video and learn about different binding styles and options.  If you still aren't sure what type of machine or system that you want to use, feel free to give us a call toll free at 1-800-944-4573 and one of our binding specialists will be glad to help you make your decision.  Alternatively, you might want to visit our binding machines section and see the different types of systems that we carry and the different binding styles that are on the market.  Either way, we are here to help.

Here is a transcript of this video: Welcome to MyBinding How To videos. Today we're answering the question how to bind your own book. Book binding can be understood simply as an outside cover being brought together with inside pages using some sort of bind. We call that binding. And you've probably guessed there are numerous ways of getting that done. What you've just seen is an example of thermal binding. That is where an outside cover has built-in adhesive into the spine. Pages are put into the spine of the book, the book is placed on a heating element of some sort, allowing the glue to adhere to the pages. Thermal binding is very simple and very impressive but can be a bit spendy. Many binding systems require both punching as well as binding when making your project. One example is binding with round plastic spines, called combs or comb binding. And there are plenty of machines on the market that can do this for you. There's also coil binding, which utilizes both wire as well as plastic coils. Many organizations utilize twin loop wire binding. These are strong and have a wide range of application. There are also very special binding systems that have been created for a certain look, like ProClick or Fastback. These systems can tend to cost a little more money, but they're very quick, very easy, and they look great. Here at MyBinding.com we are committed to your binding needs, so we have created videos, articles, pictures, all kinds of things on our website to help you choose the right system and learn how to use it correctly. Step-by-step on the website or on the phone, we want to help you be able to present yourself in the best way possible. Because there are times when image does matter. So perhaps you've just begun this search or you're looking to get a new binding system or upgrade an old one for more productivity. Simply come on over the MyBinding.com, check out the Binding Equipment section, and we can get you what you need. Our recent recognition from Inc. 500|5000 tells you that our customer service is here to help you in deciding and using your equipment. In the end, how to bind your own book is a difficult question to answer but binding a book is not. For more articles, reviews, demos, and how to's on all things binding, check out MyBinding.com.