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Without a doubt, MyBinding.com is the best place to find the binding supplies and equipment you need. Our huge selection of plastic binding combs, spiral color coil, and twin loop wire-o spines is simply unparalleled. Plus, in addition to our in-house brand of supplies, we carry all your other trusted brands like GBC, Fellowes, MasterBind, Powis Parker/Fastback, Coverbind and more. Whatever system you use we have the spines, strips, combs, coils, wires or channels to help you do your job and make your documents look terrific. Not sure what supplies you need for your machine? Give us a call and one of our binding specialists will be glad to assist you in choosing the right product.

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Choosing the Right Binding Supplies for Your Needs

If you're looking for accessories for your machine, you've come to the right place. However, if you aren't exactly sure what you need, choosing the correct items may seem daunting. This guide breaks down the details to help you find the right supplies for your needs.

First and foremost, what type of machine do you have? This will be the largest determinant of your selection. Many brands, such as GBC, Fellowes, and Fastback, also make coordinating spines and covers to go with their machines. This is one way to look for supplies. But for many machines, you aren't limited to a specific name brand. Second, what size paper will you be using? Make sure you are purchasing the right size spines and covers to fit your project. Once you've answered these questions, it's easy to shop for what you need. Now let's look at your options within each binding style.

plastic comb buyers guide*Plastic comb binding machines punch tiny rectangular holes along the edge of your materials. The machine will open a comb, allowing you to thread your papers onto the teeth. You can use them bind  little as a few pieces of paper up to large documents of 425 sheets. Combs come in both standard sizes as well as custom lengths. We carry a huge selection of colors and have the ability to PMS color match to your exact specifications. For a unique look, you can customize the spine with your name, logo, and more.

zipbind buyers guidePlastic combs aren't the only spine that work with comb binding machines. GBC created Zip Bind spines that offer a different look using the same machine. Zip Bind spines still require threading your punched pages onto the teeth. Then a specific tool “zips” the spine closed. The result is a more professional looking document. The same tool can be used to “unzip” the spine for easy editing or disassembly.

*Spiral-O wire spines offer the look and feel of a twin loop wire bound book but are designed to be used with a comb binding machine. These spines bind up to 200 pages and come in a few different colors. These spines require the use of a wire closer to finish the document.

*Komtrak Inspiral is another spine option for comb binding machines. These sturdy plastic spines fit with the traditional 19-hole comb binding punch but look and act like spiral coil spines. The original Inspiral has a locking clasp, allowing you to use the same spine multiple times. This is perfect for editing or re-using old spines. The Inspiral II also inserts like a coil but requires the ends to be clasped in order to seal the document. Both Inspiral options offer a sturdy, professional bind with the ability to lay flat and fold back for easy note taking.

spiral coil buyers guideMoving on to spiral binding machines, colored coil is one of the most recognized binding spines. Spiral binding machines are sold by the pitch, stating how many holes per inch are punched. Much like plastic combs, spiral coils come in a huge selection of colors and sizes, including custom lengths and colors. They can also be used to bind a few pages up to a few hundred. Larger books can be bound with a special spine called Turbo Coil. Turbo coil utilizes a special 3:1 pitch with larger holes. The spines offer extra rigidity, making it easier to thread the coils into the holes. Turbo coil is designed to be used with Slantis binding sleeves, which hold your pages in place while you thread in the coil.

*GBC makes ProClick binding spines that can be used with spiral binding machines. The spines are thread in the same manner as plastic combs instead of twisted into the holes like most spiral binds. ProClick spines a closed with a special tool that also opens it for quick editing. These spines give your document a more professional look than traditional coil.

twin loop wire buyers guide*The third major type of binding spine is twin loop wire. Similar to spiral coil, twin loop is measured in a holes per inch pitch. The difference is the type of spine and the holes; twin loop machines punch square holes. The wire spines come open in a “C” shape and are pressed closed once the paper is threaded onto the teeth. The spines themselves come in a variety of colors and can be custom cut to virtually any length. Twin loop wire is designed to bind documents ranging from five pages up to over 300 pages in length.

velobind strips buyers guide*One last punch and bind spine is VeloBind. Created by GBC, this styles uses either a 4- or 10-pin spine and can hold the most pages out of any type of binding – up to 750! The 4-pin strips are sealed with a specific tool that can also be used to open up the bind for editing. Ten-pin VeloBind as well as SureBind strips use a hot knife binding machine that permanently fuses the metal pins for an extremely secure document. A tool to remove these spines is available; however, it results in the destruction of the spine.

*Moving on to thermal binding, these covers require the use of heat to activate their adhesive. The possibilities are virtually endless. You can choose from soft covers and hard covers in a variety of finishes, with both choices having a variety of options. Flexible soft covers are great for reports, presentations and other documents that will be handled frequently. The front covers can be clear, frosted, or the same as the back. Hard backs provide a sturdy protective cover for reference documents, yearbooks, and more. Thermal binding covers come in a variety of colors and may have a window on the cover to show your title page. Both are available with custom printing on the front, back, and spine for a truly unique look.

*Fastback by Powis Parker is a type of thermal binding with even more options. Fastback strips allow you to drop your supplies in and let the machine do the work for you. The supplies come in a variety of colors, sizes, thicknesses, and textures for a look that's all your own.

metal binding buyers guide*Finally, Metal Bind supplies utilize a metal channel to secure your documents. This finish also uses heat to activate the adhesive and results in a sleek professional look. These channels bind anywhere from 20-300 pages and are perfect for assembling manuals, presentation materials, and other documents.

prepunched paper buyers guide*A few other items bear mentioning in this category. Prepunched paper is available in a variety of punching option. If time is tight, this can be a lifesaver! We have one of the largest inventories of punched paper on the Internet in over 50 colors and various thicknesses. Screw posts are a simple way of binding documents with a regular hole punch. These are commonly used for scrapbooks, sample books, engineering and architectural drawings, menus, and more. Finally, binding rings are a good way to secure samples, swatches, manuals, and more. Choose from a few different styles.

Still have questions? Our expert staff is standing by to help you! Simply utilize our live chat or give us a call at 1-800-944-4573 and someone will be happy to assist you in selecting the right product for your needs.

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