Perfect Binding

Create Your Own Perfect Bound Books
Binding your own books has never been easier. With easy to use machine and high quality covers, you will be able to produce great looking books.
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• Professional Looking Document
The clean edges of a perfect bound book help give it an impression of quality and make your project stand out from everyone else.
• Customizable Covers
Perfect bind soft covers are printable, allowing you to create any design you want, giving your book an unique look.
• Economical
Perfect binding is an economical way to get great looking books. Producing books in-house will not only save you money, but also time.
Perfect Binding Machines and Supplies
Find everything you need to make perfect bound books at MyBinding. We offer a range of thermal binding machines that make the process fast and easy. Covers, thermal strips and more are also available to make sure you're able to produce high quality bound documents.
Perfect Binding with a Standard Thermal Binding Machine
Binding projects on your own, with that exact professional edge and look, has never been easier.
Step 1
Step 1: Crease Paper Cover
Use a paper creaser to make perfect, sharp, and the most effective creases to your documents and covers. Hand folding in not ideal as it leaves soft creases with cracks and unsightly edges. Creasers are easy to set up and repeat for fast multi-book production.
Step 2
Step 2: Cut and Place Glue Strip
Glue Strips are simple to use and handle. Trim them with scissors to fit the width of your project’s crease. Trim the ends to leave a small space (1/4 inch) between the ends of the glue strip and the edge of the cover.
Step 3
Step 3: Place in Binding Machines
With the glue strip inside the crease, place your book “block” on top of it and tamp down all the pages. Make sure your project is flush on all sides and the glue strip stays centered below the block. Then, when warmed and ready, place the project into your thermal binding machine and let the bind cycle complete.
Step 4
Step 4: Cure & Trim Book
Finally, after removing the bound project, tamp it down again and allow the book to “cure” (letting the pages set into the glue) for a few minutes. An additional final step could be to trim your book with a stack cutter. This allows you to fix any imperfections in your edges as well as cut custom lengths to suit your needs.