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Spiral Coil Binding Supplies

Spiral Coil Binding Supplies
These spiral coils are used in conjunction with your binding system to create high quality, durable documents. These spines allow your materials to lay flat or be folded back-to-back, which is excellent for taking notes and quick page turning. Available in over 60 colors and a wide variety of sizes, this binding style offers a high level of versatility.
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MyBinding offers plastic spiral coils from three great brands, GBC, MyBinding and Plastikoil.
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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I bind a document using spiral coil binding?
Spiral coil binding (also known as Color coil or plastic coil binding) is one of the most popular and fastest growing of all coil binding styles. Documents bound with spiral coils lay flat and the pages can turn 360 degrees around the flexible PVC coil spine. Coil binding is fast and easy an...Read More
Do you have a glossary of coil binding terms?
Coil binding is a popular document finishing method that can be used for reports, proposals, anthologies, and more. In order to bind with coils, it’s usually necessary to use a coil binding machine. There is a lot of terminology associated with these machines, so it’s a good idea to b...Read More
What features should I look for in a spiral coil inserter?
If you are looking for a spiral coil inserter to use in your office or print shop and don’t know where to start, don’t worry. This will help you better understand the different coil inserters that are available on the market so that you can better make your decision. Num...Read More
What features should I look for when buying a coil binding machine?
Spiral coil binding is one of the most popular binding styles available on the market. The flexibility along with the huge number of colors that are offered in coil binding supplies make it a favorite binding style for all types of organizations. Perhaps you have seen coil binding somewhere ...Read More
How do I bind large documents with Color Coils?
If you have ever attempted to bind a book using a large sized color coil binding (30mm and larger), you will understand just how frustrating the process can be. For smaller sized book binding, you can easily use your coil binding inserter to quickly spin the coil binding onto your docum...Read More
What should I know about Spiral Coil Binding?
Choosing the right binding system to fit the needs of your organization can be a very difficult task. There are almost a dozen different binding styles available on the market all with their individual strengths. One of the most popular binding styles available today is spiral coil...Read More
Are there easier ways to bind a document with coil binding?
If you regularly bind your documents with coils, you are probably wondering if there is anything you could be doing to create an easier coil binding experience. It turns out that there are ways to speed up your productivity and make the process a lot smoother. Here are three tips for easier ...Read More
How can I make a spiral notebook without a machine?
Who needs an expensive binding machine? If you are doing a small number of documents, you can easily get away with doing the binding by hand. Here are a few tips on how to make a spiral bound book without a machine. 1. Why Spiral Coil? The first thing you will have to decide when you are doing y...Read More
How do I use Coil Binding Sleeves?
Coil binding is an excellent way to make your documents look more professional. However, working with coils can be tricky since you’re using a flexible piece of plastic to bind a stack of paper. That’s where coil binding sleeves come in. These are plastic sleeves that look very much l...Read More
How do I use my coil crimpers?
Coil binding is a great way to bind your documents and make them look professional. Punching holes in your document and inserting the coils is easy. Some people do however have trouble with the final part of the process: crimping the coil. Crimping entails trimming the ends of the coil and t...Read More