Navy Blue Spiral Binding Coils

Originally used to denote the color of blue worn by sailors, navy leans more toward the black on the color spectrum. At least, that's the case with our navy color coil featured here (PMS 282C). Our intensely dark blue navy coil is a great fit with many of our paper and plastic binding covers, working especially well to portray a sense of honor and dignity. Just don't make the mistake of mixing navy and black--the subtle but obvious clash is sure to leave your project less-than-desirable. Still, don't be afraid to use our navy binding coil to enhance your reports and other documents. Since our spiral coil works with practically all our coil binding machines, it's easy to purchase our navy color coil with confidence. If you want to try something different than the standard black but don't want anything too bright or striking, a navy blue color will fit in just fine. Buy yours today.
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