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Premier StakCut 724 24" Heavy Duty Paper Trimmer

Premier StakCut 724 24" Heavy Duty Paper Trimmer

Premier StakCut 724 24" Heavy Duty Paper Trimmer

Part #: MY724
Brand: Premier
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The Premier 724 24" Stakcut Paper Trimmer is one of the heaviest duty paper cutter available in market. It is an excellent choice for cutting paper, mat board, cardboard, film, tissues and textiles. If you need to cut flyers, covers, documents and promotional material of items for scrapbooking, the Premier 724 24" Stakcut Paper Trimmer will work exceptionally well. It comes with 24" long blade which is the best choice for cutting letter sized and legal sized documents. The Premier 724 24" Stakcut Paper Trimmer can cut up to 30 sheets of 20lb bound paper at once, with a heavy duty 3/4" thick base and it includes a high quality self sharpening stainless steel blade which is capable of cutting 24" in length and also it comes with numerous great safety features to keep you safe when cutting. Experience the Premier 724 24" Stakcut Paper Trimmer today

Product Details

  • Heavy-duty 3/4" thick wood base
  • Through-hardened steel blade, precision-angled to cut stacks of up to 30 sheets
  • Accurately cuts paper, matte board, cardboard, film, tissue and textiles
  • Permanent 1/2" grid and dual English and metric rulers help to ensure proper alignment
  • Ergonomic soft-grip handle for comfortable use
  • Patented automatic blade latch locks with every cutting motion
  • Finger guard protects entire length of blade
  • Torsion spring prevents blade from accidentally falling during operation
  • Clamp securely holds stacks for accurate cutting without shifting or tearing
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty but a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the Blades.
  • Non-skid rubber feet


  • Product Type: Stakcut Paper Trimmer
  • Cutting Capacity: 30 Sheet
  • Cutting Length: 24"
  • Cutting Style: Straight
  • Features: Self-sharpening, Locking Blade and Non-slip Rubber Feet
  • Color: Green
  • Material: Wood Base and Steel Blade
  • Dimensions: 7"H x 20"W x 33 1/4"D
  • Part Number: MY724


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Reviewed on 3/23/2017

Works really good and love the safety lock, the only issue is the lines faded out after a couple of weeks. We bought it to cut laminate and I guess it's because of the laminate rubbing on the surface so it might be different if you buy it to cut only paper.

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Premier StakCut 724 Paper Trimmer Review

If you’re in search of a good guillotine paper cutter, one device you should consider is the Premier StakCut 724 from Martin Yale. It’s a terrific device that makes cutting easy and safe. Here’s an in-depth look at this product. Read on….

  • The StakCut 724 has been designed to trim both large and small pieces of paper. It can cut items that up up to 24 inches long, so you’ll easily be able to work with paper of varying sizes.
  • When you need to cut 20 lb bond paper, you find that this device can handle up to 30 sheets at once. The cutting capacity could increase or decrease depending on the thickness of the paper you’re using. (For example, you’ll be able to cut more thin sheets at a time than thick ones.)
  • One of the great things about the StakCut 724 is that it can be used to cut a variety of non-paper items. You can trim materials such as fabric, mat board, plastic, and even cardboard with this device. This feature makes this product ideal for a number of different work environments from offices to art studios, schools to graphic design firms.
  • If you didn’t think it was possible for paper cutting to be a comfortable experience, the StakCut 724 will pleasantly surprise you. This device’s handle is soft to the touch and easy to grip because it was engineered to be ergonomically friendly. The handle helps make using this trimmer a painless experience.
  • Speaking of pain (or lack thereof), the StakCut 724 makes cutting really safe. The blade is spring-loaded so it won’t move around unless you want it to. It won’t fall suddenly and accidentally injure you. Also, there’s a latch that is activated every time you lower the blade and a finger guard will keep your hands safe.
  • Some of the other features that make this cutter stand out include the following:
    • A heavy-duty wooden base that’s a full 3/4” thick. Between the sturdy base and the sharp blade, this is a very well-made trimmer.
    • Rubber feet that help the StakCut 724 stay put when you’re using it.
    • Alignment grids that feature both metric and standard measurements. (However, there aren’t any other cutting guides present.)
    • Paper clamps to keep your materials in one place as you cut them.
  • Finally, this product is backed by an excellent warranty. You can have it repaired or replaced for as long as you own it.

Final thoughts:

The Premier StakCut 724 would be a great choice if you’re in need of a high-quality trimmer. There aren’t very many cutters that have a terrific cutting capacity and the ability to slice through various types of materials. You’ll find using this device to be safe and comfortable, while also helping you quickly finish your work. While it would be nice if there were additional cutting guides on the base, overall the StakCut 724 is a first-rate trimmer. Check it out today.

Questions & Answers
Do any of these guillotine type cutters allow for replacement of the blade when it gets dull?
Asked by Greer 7 months ago
Thank you for your question. Unfortunately most manufacturer's do not sell the blade separately because a majority of the cost of the cutter is in the blade itself. Some business that sharpen knives and scissors will sharpen guillotine cutter blades though.

Answered by MyBindining 7 months ago
Is there a guard for the 724 Martin Yale paper cutter?
Asked by Loretta Miller 10 months ago
Thank you for your question. The Premier StakCut 724 24" Heavy Duty Paper Trimmer has a finger guard protects entire length of blade .

Answered by MyBinding 10 months ago
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