8.5" x 14" ENVIRONMENT Binding Covers - 100pk (Legal Size)

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These " 8.5" x 14" ENVIRONMENT covers are exactly what you need if you're looking for strong, trendy, and environmentally-friendly binding covers. These ENVIRONMENT covers are manufactured with 100% renewable energy and 100% post-consumer waste. These 8.5" x 14" covers are FSC and Green Seal certified, and, of course, 100% recyclable. Be sure to order these 80lb binding covers pre-punched with your preferred pattern.

Product Details

  • Cover Type: ENVIRONMENT Cover
  • Cover Thickness: 80lb
  • Cover Size: 8.5" x 14"
  • Color:Choose Above
  • Corners: Square
  • Quantity:100 pieces

Demonstration Video

Crane's Lettra Cover Overview

Transcript: These are Environment Covers!

Sizes range from 5.5 x 8.5 inches up to 11 x 17.

You can choose to have a custom window added to your covers to show off your title page underneath.

They’re made of 100% recycled material AND are manufactured using 100% renewable energy—how’s that for environmentally friendly!

These covers come in an 80 pound weight-thickness.

You can customize your covers with one of 8 prepunched patterns, but you’ll have to call our customer service to set that up.

If you are interested in these covers, you can request a sample to hold in your hand, and make su ...