Overhead Projector Accessories

Do you need accessories for your overhead projector? Want to replace or improve the lamps in your Apollo projector? We can help you with a range of accessories to assist you in all your presentations. You can choose from the various lamps available, made for microfiche or microfilm projectors or for larger overhead projectors, and pick the one you need. All of them will provide brightness for all your presentations and will have a long-lasting life. Need help to make your prints stand out anywhere? Select the Quartet transparency, printer or copier film that best suits your needs and transform all your presentations into memorable events!

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  1. Apollo Quick Dry Universal Ink Jet Transparency Film 50pk - VCG7033S

    • Create exciting visuals with your personal computer and ink jet printer.
    • Provides brilliant color images
    • It's universal design makes it compatible with most ink jet printers
    • Quantity: 50pk
    Part #: APO-VCG7033S


  2. Apollo VA-EYB-6 Boxed Overhead Projector Lamp

    • Super bright light and outstanding long life.
    • Material: 99% pure quartz glass
    • GBC Quartet Part Number: VA-EYB-6
    • Quantity: 1 Lamp
    Part #: APO-VA-EYB-6


  3. Apollo 4mil Write On Transparency Film 100pk - VWO100C-BE

    • Width :8 1/2 in
    • Height : 11 in
    • Color(s): Clear
    • Quantity: 100pk
    Part #: APO-VWO100C-BE


3 Items

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