Akiles Guillotine Paper Cutters
These Akiles Guillotine Paper Cutters offer a practical and economical way to cut paper and to get optimal results. The manual operation is perfectly designed to give you more precision with every cut, and thanks to the spring mechanism you can easily get through a large number of papers without breaking a sweat. Select the system you need from the ones listed below. You can order the Akiles OffiTrim Plus with a 15'' or an 18'' blade, both can cut up to 12 sheets of 20lb paper at a time and both have the practical magnetic paper stopper, so you can cut all your papers the same size.
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  1. Akiles OffiTrim Plus 1518 18" Cutter

    • Cut Length: 18"
    • Cut Type: Guillotine
    • Cutting Capacity: 12 Sheets (20 lbs paper)
    • Paper Clamp: Yes
    Part #: OffiTrimPlus18


1 Item

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