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Count Paper Delivery Machine

Do you have numbering, scoring, perforating, or laminating equipment and need a product that can help you create a smooth work flow without any problems along the way to the finish line? Check out the Paper Delivery Machine from Count! This unit can be paired with all of the equipment mentioned above to provide a flawless production process, with speeds of up to 500' per minute and widths of 18'' or 24''. The height is adjustable and you can even incline or decline the unit, to suit your needs. A clever investment into any shop that requires more efficiency, this unit also comes with a 1 year warranty for all electrical and mechanical components.
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  1. Count Motorized Paper Delivery Machine Image 1

    Count Motorized Paper Delivery Machine

    Count Motorized Paper Delivery Machine Image 1
    • Speed: Up to 500 feet per minute
    • Maximum Feeding Width: 18" or 24"
    • Maximum Feeding Length: Varies
    • Warranty: 1 Year (Electrical and Mechanical Parts)

    Your Price: $2,950.00

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