GBC Badgemates Badge Reels
Looking for a badge reel for your organization? Why not buy GBC Badgemates? GBC carabineer reels are easy to use and can be connected and disconnected from belt loop or bag straps in just seconds. Great for any environment requiring quick and frequent access to ID badges, GBC Badgemates Carabineer badge reels are perfect for attaching your ID badge, flash drive, or even keys. Or their standard retractable reels are available with a three foot retractable cord and durable poly strap with clip. With these innovative tools you can swipe you card, quickly retract it, and barely lift a finger.

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  1. GBC BadgeMates Assorted Retractable Badge Reels 5pk - 3747217

    • Style: Retractable Badge Reels
    • Colors: Black, Blue and Grey
    • Attachment Type: Reel and strap
    • Quantity: Get 5 badge reels with every order
    Part #: 3747217


  2. GBC Badgemates Black Retractable Badge Reel 25pk - 3748022

    • Cord Length: 36"
    • Attachment: Vinyl Strap
    • Style: Basic Retractable Badge Reel
    • Quantity: 25 pk
    Part #: 3748022


  3. GBC Badgemates Clear Carabiner Badge Reels 25pk - 3748080

    • Cord Length: 36"
    • Attachment: Clear Vinyl Strap
    • Style: Carabiner Style Badge Reel
    • Quantity: 25 pk
    Part #: 3748080


3 Items

Display Type List Grid