GBC Badgemates Lanyards
Check out these GBC Badgemates lanyards. Their breakaway lanyards make sure employees are safe around heavy machinery and in factories. Breakaway lanyards are also a great idea for employee safety in academic settings, nursing homes, day cares centers, and hospitals where someone may grab onto an ID neck badge. GBC Badgemates lanyards offer inexpensive and basic high quality woven nylon. These lanyards come in black, red, or blue with swivel hook or black with bulldog clip for holding or displaying. The lanyards have a swivel hook and are approximately 34" in length. GBC OptioBraid Lanyards with Split Rings provide speedy access to keys, keycards, ID cards, and more. Developed with a split ring for easy and convenient holding, they are stylish, functional, and affordable. They are 35-1/2" in length.
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  1. GBC Badgemates Black Breakaway Lanyard 12pk - 3748010

    • Lanyard Length: 34"
    • Attachment Type: Swivel Hook
    • Lanyard Material: Flat Braid
    • Safety Breakaway: Yes
    Part #: 3748010


  2. GBC Badgemates Black Round Lanyard With Bulldog Clip - 3747478

    • Cord Length: 34"
    • Attachment Type: Bulldog Clip
    • Style: Round Nylon with Bulldog Clip
    • Quantity: 12pk
    Part #: 3747478


2 Items

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