GBC Shredmaster Shredder Oil
Keep your assets well protected, as they say. And in the case of a shredder, this means keeping your cylinders lubricated. To maintain this, you must oil them on a regular, routine schedule. GBC Shredmaster shredders have their own oil made for their models. This line is offered in a 16 oz bottle, there is also a special bottle for the 1500 series (automatic oilers). Stay on top of your routine oiling and watch your investment last much longer. If you have questions regarding the oiling of, or any other shredder related topic, please feel free to contact us!

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  1. GBC Swingline Shredder Oil 16oz - 1760049A

    • Extends the life of cutters by keeping them well lubricated
    • Large 16oz. bottle.
    • Compatible with all Swingline shredder models as well as shredders made by other manufacturers.
    • High-performance synthetic oil that will not cause build-up on any shredder parts
    Part #: 1760049


  2. GBC Shredmaster 7500 Series Shredder Oil for Automatic Oiler - 1753190

    • Item 1753190 is for use with the Auto Oiler system found ONLY with the 7500S and 7550X
    • Regular shredder oil (1760049) can be used for customers not using the Auto Oiler system of the 7550X & 7500S by applying the oil to paper and inserting in the shredder throat.
    • The Auto Oiler system shredder oil can NOT be used with any other models.
    • 1 liter/bottle
    Part #: 1753190


2 Items

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