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Graphic Wizard Paper Joggers

With these Graphic Wizard Paper Joggers you can prepare your paper and printed materials for perforators, numbering machines or copiers and eliminate static electricity at the same time! The PT Air Digital Jogger features an adjustable air flow with 10 vents, as well as adjustable timer, height and jogging intensity, to help you create custom jobs that will suit your requirements. This unit can be placed on a table or on the floor, with an optional stand available separately. Make sure that your print or copy shop has high quality equipment that will increase your production volumes and your efficiency and order a paper jogger from MyBinding today!
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  1. Graphic Whizard PT Air Digital Jogger Image 1

    Graphic Whizard PT Air Digital Jogger

    Graphic Whizard PT Air Digital Jogger Image 1
    • Maximum Stock Size: 13.75” x 19.5” x 2” (34.92cm x 49.53cm x 5.08cm)
    • Feeder: Manual
    • Tabletop/Floor: Tabletop (Optional stand available)
    • Adjustable air flow with 10 vents.

    Your Price: $1,850.00

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