Graphtec Roll Feed Vinyl Cutters and Plotters

Cut signage, banners, posters, and any other type of vinyl media to perfection with these Graphtec Roll Feed Vinyl Cutters and Plotters. Fast but also designed to provide excellent results, these roll feed vinyl cutters and plotters are an ideal choice for your business. Simply choose one of the products listed below to discover the easy and efficient way to finish vinyl products in a professional way. On this page you can find cutters with a maximum cutting width of 15’’, 24’’, 30’’, 42’’, 48’’, 54’’, and 64’’. Looking for a cutter and plotter that can process vinyl materials at a high speed? You can order cutters with a cutting speed of 24 inches per second, 35 inches per second, or 58.5 inches per second.
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